Warlord Games travels to Historicon

Warlord Games will be at Historicon. Will you be there?



From the announcement:

We are about a week away from arguably the largest historical wargames show in the USA, as the Fredericksburg Expo & Convention centre once again opens it’s doors to over 3,000 gamers, modellers and collectors – Historicon 2014

The theme this year is Big Wars – Little Soldiers, World Wars throughout time. And as we have already shown we are proud to have our resident sculptor Wojtek create the superb giveaway figure again this year. Featuring Dick Winters from the 101st US Airborne (many of you will have seen him and his Band of Brothers in the eponymous TV series). Mounted atop replica dog tags, this metal miniature will be a true collector’s piece and is given free to those lucky enough to go to the event.