Warlord Games Taking Pre-Orders for New Beyond the Gates of Antares Minis

Warlord Games has added a new squad to their list of minis you can order for Beyond the Gates of Antares. The Concord get themselves another set of figures added to them in the form of the C3 Drop Squad. Warlord is also showing off a couple figures that aren’t available to order yet, but will be soon.

The C3 Drop Squad gives you some of the most heavily-armed and armored troops the Concord uses. So they pack themselves quite a punch while being able to take several, themselves, in return.

As for the new previews, there’s both the male and female versions of the Nuhu Mandarin. You can read all about the Nuhu and their role in the Seventh Age over on the Warlord Games website. These figures will be released at the same time as the C3 Drop Squad.


  • I feel terrible mentioning it, but is anyone else seeing guys with toilet seats around their heads?

    • Ghool

      It’s not just you.

      • Drew Olds

        Well, I wasn’t before…

        • I had to check with my girlfriend. She agreed. Whew.

          • Ghool

            The suits look like they should transform into a toilet to be honest.
            It could be made worse if they were painted 100% white.

          • “Transformers – more than meets the bum!”

            Sorry, slipped into 12 year old brain there … 🙂

  • £20 for the squad…seems a bit pricey to me given they are single pose minis.

    Having said that I do like them…even with the bog seats 😀

  • Francesco

    Not bad IMO, not particular knee about the style, but not bad. I see Warlod pouring a lot of resources into Antares