Warlord Games shows off some painted Germans

Warlord Games has a new gallery up of some very nicely painted German infantrymen that they want to show off. They’re worth a look.

From the gallery:

We’ve received several freshly painted Bolt Action German miniatures from the hands of talented painter, Andres Amian Fernandez and it would be rude not to show everyone the results!

  • barryfee

    You may be interested, Warlord will be showing new figures / rules at Phalanx 2012 in St Helens this year on 16th June 2012.

  • Cherno

    The flamthrower guy is a nice touch
    or is is a Flammenwerfer, because, you know, it werfs flammen?

  • jackgaudette

    One of the gamers in my group has these minis. they are awesome!