Warlord Games release Soviet Naval Brigade Command and Squad

Warlord Games have added Soviet Naval Brigade Command and Squad packs to their WWII Bolt Action range.

From their announcement:

The Naval Infantry Brigades fought hard in most of the epic Soviet battles of WWII. Formed from tough sailors when the Russian army had been shattered by fast moving German forces, the Brigada Morskoi Pekhoty as they were known, were truly sailors armed with infantry weapons and ordered to the front or fighting in situ to defend their naval bases.
Clad in dark uniforms they soon earned the nick name “Black Death or Black Devils” from their foes.

They fought at Leningrad in one of the grimmest sieges in history and also were at Sevastopol in 1941when their base was overrun.They also fought In Finland, East Prussia and launched raids against the Finns and Germans from Archangel.
Most famously they defended the grain elevator at Stalingrad for many days; losing appalling casualties but refusing to give in.

Warlord is proud to present the Soviet Naval Brigade and Command, available now on our webstore.

And remember, shipping is free to anywhere in the world for the month of July.