Warlord Games purchases Arsenal Miniatures range

By Polar_Bear
In Historical
Oct 14th, 2013

Warlord Games has purchased the rights to the Arsenal Miniatures range.


From the announcement:

Warlord Games are pleased to announce we have purchased the Arsenal Miniatures 28mm ‘Revenge of Christendom’ range of figures from Andrea Magnani.

Paul Sawyer of Warlord Games, says “Whilst we are still supporting our large Thirty Years War and English Civil wars ranges we were keen to expand into new conflicts for Pike & Shotte. The opportunity to take over Andrea’s fledgling but beautifully realised range was an easy decision to make. We are looking forward to making these available soon and adding to the range in the future”.

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  • puster

    Good news. Very good, indeed. I have seen these some years ago and always wanted to get them into my grubby hands on cabinet. More of them:

    While I wish they would have gone to a company more dedicated to the 16th century, like Pro Gloria or TAG, I am confident from their handling of other lines that Warlord Games will treat them fair and well.

    So thanks to Andrea for selling them, and now I am eagerly awaiting my chance to shell some money over to WG 🙂

    • trajan

      Well, Warlord approached the owner and made an offer, which is something that the others you mentioned didn’t do.
      Funnily enough the 16/17th century is the WG owner’s preferred period, believe it or not.

      • puster

        Actually one tried to contact him, but got no response from Andrea (so he claimed when we talked about Arsenal). I assume mails get lost not only on my own account, or whatever happened…

        Anyway, if this draws Warlord into the 16th century then all for the better (for me, at least).

      • buddy81

        I know of at least three other companies beside Warlords, which tried to get the range and wanted to make an offer but the former owner decided to cease communication some time (read years/months) ago.

        So this comes as abit of surprise.

        I really hope the keep the quality with these and don’t go down the horrible cartoony road they chose for the Bolt Action ranges… :-/

        • puster

          As long as the original scuplts get released, they can continue any way they want, as far as I am concerned. Realistical would be better, and their ancients eg are imho pretty good.
          As far as “cartoony” is concerned – some spanish to go with Brügelburgs Landsknechts would not fully go amiss, though personally I would skip this style.
          I hope they take the chance to make a core set of historical Spanish for the 1540-1600 period (wor, tw, 80yw), the peak of the Spanish power. The anglophile wargaming majority could use them to play out some fictive battles of the Armada campaign.