Warlord Games Prussian Landwehr and Command now available

Warlord Games have released the Black Powder Prussian Landwehr and Command figures.

Prussian Landwher Command

From their announcement:

With the rhythmic treading of thousands of Prussian feet our plastic Napoleonic Landwehr are here. Pre-orders for these have been high and those of you who took advantage of pre-ordering and our special offers will have them en route. For the rest of you make sure you grab ‘em while you can because at this rate we’ll be heading for a reprint very soon!

To add to this box set, we also have the Prussian Landwehr Command pack. It has two choices of officer, randomly supplied, and a “twinned” figure of a wounded ensign being supported by his Drummer comrade (includes flagpole and finial, flags supplied in the box set)

These products are available to order now on our website.

Postage and packing is still free in October – take advantage before the bosses notice!