Warlord Games Preview: Savage Core Models – Cro-Magnons

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Dec 16th, 2015

Warlord Games will soon be bringing us the Savage Core miniatures line. They are based on a fantastic pulp setting that’s a bit Journey to the Center of the Earth. Picture a hollow Earth, that’s got a primordial group of humans and creatures living inside of it (hey, one of the US presidents thought it was true). This first look is at the Cro-Magnons.

We’ll be seeing more about this line and you can expect to get the full range in the next few weeks. Be sure to stay tuned for more.


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  • BDUB

    Cool. I how those Cromags are fairly expansive, I can see a few other games I’d love to use them for.

  • Michael Hansen

    I’m just waiting for the lizard people who secretly control all of the world’s governments.