Warlord Games posts Algoryn Prosperate releases for Beyond the Gates of Antares

Warlord Games has new Algoryn Prosperate minis sets for Beyond the Gates of Antares now available over in their webshop. And don’t forget, you can pick up the rulebook for free.


From the website:

With the Beyond the Gates of Antares Beta rules now available to everyone via free download we’re also making the models for the first two factions – Algoryn and Boromites – available. We’ll be bringing you more for each of these factions as well as new forces over the next few weeks and months.

  • Space Ghost

    Five troops, two drones, costs about $40 USD…. Gates of Antares is being billed as a platoon army game …. Those prices are in GW ballpark.

  • Space Ghost

    But they do look decent.

  • surprize

    I just came on to say pretty much the same thing! I don’t really get their pricing in that their “figurehead” model Hansa Nairoba is a premium quality model and is £5 in metal, but their troop box is 5 models and 2 drones for £24. Seems odd. I like these new models, but they are squad models – lacking the really fine detail and sculpting you’d expect on the kind of model you could enter in a painting comp for example.

    I guess they price to what they can bare, but when an Infinity troop box is ~£24 for 4 models they are sort of hitting that awkward middle ground of being neither cheaply priced (so you collect an army) or top premium quality so you buy a few to paint.

    Ultimately I guess for this to really take off they are going to have to do plastic box sets eventually.

    I really want to like this game!!