Warlord Games Plastic Fantastic deal and free postage

Warlord Games have a deal on their plastic boxed sets and a free postage offer.

Plastic Fantastic deal

From their announcement:

In the Warlord office we’re all feeling a little bit down after England’s World Cup performance.

At time like this we find ourselves building more toy soldiers to cheer ourselves up. And we were doing just that when we realised that the entire country was probably feeling down and could do with a smile. And so we present our buy three plastic boxed sets and get a fourth free! special offer.

Simply choose three plastic boxed sets from the drop down boxed below and then select a fourth box that will be sent to you absolutely free. That will help fill up all the time you had allocated to watching football. Just be careful not to cry in the paint.
Not only that, but post and packing is free worldwide for the month of July.

NB: This offer only applies to Warlord Games plastics.