Warlord Games Hopping Into Easter Sale

We’re about a week and a half from Easter. And the Easter Bunny is going to be leaving baskets filled with goodies for people. If you want your Easter basket to be filled with minis, you might just want to check out Warlord Games’ Easter Sale that’s going on now.

From the announcement:

Easter is almost here and we have a great festive offer for you. For a limited time, we are taking a massive 33% off on a selection of our classic plastic box sets. Ranging from German Blitzkrieg of World War II to Pike & Shotte infantrymen, Ancient Romans and Greeks to Napoleonic Russians and much more!
Here’s a full list of products on sale…
Bolt Action:

German Grenadiers
Blitzkrieg German Infantry
British Infantry
US Marines
American Infantry
Imperial Japanese Infantry
Soviet Infantry

Black Powder

Russian Line Infantry 1809-1814
Woodland Indian Tribes
Continental Infantry Regiment
Colonial Militia Men
American War of Independence: British Infantry Regiment
Hessian regiment
Marlborough’s Wars: Infantry of the Grand Alliance
Marlborough’s Wars: Cavalry of the Sun King
Marlborough’s Wars: Cavalry of the Grand Alliance
Marlborough’s Wars: Infantry of the Sun King
Marlborough’s Wars: Artillery battery
Married Zulu Impi
Unmarried Zulu Impi
Natal Native Contingent Regiment
Anglo-Zulu War: British Line Infantry Regiment
Field Artillery and Army Commanders

Pike & Shotte

Pike & Shotte Infantry Regiment
Pike & Shotte Cavalry
Landsknechts Pikemen

Hail Caesar

Early Imperial Romans: Legionaries set (30)
Early Imperial Romans: Legionaries and Scorpion
Caesarian Romans with gladius
Caesarian Romans with pilum
Greeks: Ancient Greek Hoplites
Macedonians: Phalangites
Ancient Celts: Celtic Warriors