Warlord Games has new plastic Ruined Hamlet

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 29th, 2012

Warlord Age Games has a new plastic ruined hamlet to decorate your battlefield. And I don’t mean just a bad high school production of the play.

From the copy:

Those of you who pre-ordered this, our first plastic terrain piece, will either now have them in your quivering hands or be waiting at your letterbox for the postie to arrive. For the rest of you this spectacular ruined terrain is now available to buy. See what’s what here…

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  • 3 ruined houses for $35??? That seems very modestly priced. They appear to be of good quality too.

    • Monkey

      That’s 35 Pounds, actually about 30 as we wont pay for VAT.

      • Right you are.. it’s about $56 USD.. thought it seemed a bit cheap 😛

  • Cherno

    Looks very good, and useful for PA as well.

  • cama

    These are a great deal from a top-notch company!

  • Sejanus

    Warlord AGE Games?
    You sure it isn’t just Warlord Games?
    Ya might wanna have a double check on that one.

  • That is a fine looking kit. I can see that being good for Warmachine if it’s not too small.