Warlord Games has new Mealie Bag Redoubt

Warlord Games keeps your shooting infantry safe from assault with their Mealie Bag Redoubt.

From the website:

Forming a key part of the defence of the aid station at Rorke’s Drift, the mealie bag redoubt is now available to buy.

  • ‘Mealie bag’. mEAlie bag.

    Can you please change this to the correct spelling as per our announcement so we don;t look completely daft…

    • Its cool your graphic has it proper 🙂

      Really glad to see this, I’ll be picking one up soonish.

      While we’re posting complaints, the twitter feed choked on the previous two posts 🙂

    • Polar_Bear

      Sorry. We all tyop from time to tiem.
      It’s been fixed.