Warlord Games Early Production Tiger I tank coming soon

Warlord Games have posted photos of their Early Production Tiger I tank.

Early Tiger I

From their announcement:

Crikey, you wait for one Tiger tank to come along and then two arrive.

Following hot on the heels of our recently released Tiger I ausf H (including two sculpts of that most famous Tiger ace, Michael Wittman.) come our soon-to-be-released early production Tiger I.

First produced in late 1942, the Tiger tank is possibly the most iconic armored vehicle of World War 2. Heavily armored and fearsomely overgunned with the 88 mm Kwk 36 L/56, the Tiger was a big cat on the battlefield which deserved the respect it was given.

Our Early Production Tiger I is ready for action in engagements from late 1942 onward in Russia, Africa, Tunisia and Italy or anywhere else you would like to fight your battles. This excellent, new Bolt Action Miniature will be available soon. In the meantime, give the complete range of our Bolt Action German vehicles a look in the Warlord webstore.