Warlord Games’ Bolt Action: Armies of France and the Allies released

Warlord Games has their latest army book for Bolt Action available over in their webshop. Go pick up your copy of Armies of France and the Allies today.

From the release:

The wait is over for our new Armies of France and the Allies book. This supplement for Bolt Action covers the armies of France, Poland, Greece, Norway, Holland and Belgium that stood against the German Blitzkrieg, as well as the resistance forces that sprung up in the aftermath of occupation.

  • Hexenjaeger

    At start of game, roll a D6. Evens-they surrender and are removed from the game as “members of the resistance”, odds-they fight for your opponent and he controls them for the duration of the game.

  • Sisyphus

    I’m so sick of this Anglophile propaganda.

    France lost because of poor leadership. Their officer corp was very lacking versus the Germans having the best on the planet. Troops were equal IMHO and a moderate advantage to France for tanks though Air was on the side of Germany.

    Remember… if you want to wee on France you’ve got to give some to England. France didn’t have the channel to swim away over to their separated homeland. And like many countries even today, their political leadership was weak. It’s not like their wasn’t a large partisan movement right after the Vichy started.

    So please research before you post…

    And you can have your Freedom Fries with that order… as they weren’t even French but rather Belgian.

  • BlazeXI

    @hexenjaeger: surely you do not mean polish or yugoslav resistance.

  • Hexenjaeger

    Apparently, comedy is something that also requires research.