Warlord Games Belgian Artillery Tractor

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Dec 11th, 2011

Warlord Games releases a gun tractor looking like something straight out of a Wallace & Gromit adventure:

From their website:

Used to pull field pieces around the Vickers Utility fulfilled a vital role for the Belgian army. Those of you of a Very British Civil War persuasion will also be interested in the possibilities of this little vehicle!

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  • A.P.F. Porlock

    I can see this one becoming some great customized gretchin tank – I want one or two of those for sure!

  • That thing actually existed? Huh.

  • It only existed in the Belgium army and once they surrendered, they disappeared. Not sure if the Germans used them, but none seem to show up in their army.

  • pbeccas

    Germans used them to pull around anti-tank guns and infantry guns. Warlord sell them with a German head for conversion.

  • I figured the Germans would have used them, as they were very short on support vehicles — are there photos? I am always amazed at just what the Germans managed to absorb from captured equipment. It is even more interesting when you come across photos of whole units of captured enemy tanks, but then, the Russians did the same thing. I always wonder if this lead to confusion on the battle field.

    • I would imagine that it was mostly confusing in built up environments and close-in fighting. Most large scale tank battles started off far enough away that it was fairly evident who was whom. Though the term fog of war had to originate from somewhere and I can’t imagine WWII armor was sophisticated enough to completely avoid confusion.

    • scottjm
      • Borzag

        Wiki says there’s no such file… can you double-check that please?

        • scottjm

          Weird, the link works for me. Go to Wikipedia and type in Battle of Belgium. It’s the image on the top right.

  • Borzag

    Anyone know the size of this thing? Grot Tank be damned; I’m thinking BB Deathroller 😀

    • Borzag

      Also, the pic confuses me slightly…. the site says it’s metal & resin, the pic looks plastic. I’ll admit it may be a pre-casting sculpt on the site, but would be good to have this confirmed.

      • pbeccas

        Borzag. Its been sprayed grey. Resin model. The real life infantry carrier version has fold down bench seats on the left and right side so troops can ride into battle. This is the cavalry version which is used to tow guns.

  • pbeccas

    The Germans renamed it as the “Artillerie Schlepper VA 601 (b)”

    It you do a google image search of that name you will see a ton of pictures,

  • That’s a beautiful little vehicle, ripe with possibilities for weird war gaming! I can imagine this with a couple of large claws on the front and a flamethrower mount on the back.

    Of course, it would also go nicely as a gun tractor for my early war Germans.