Warlord Games are exclusive European retailers of Architects of War

Warlord Games have entered into an agreement to be the exclusive European retailers for the Architects of War terrain range.

Roasting Pit set

From their announcement:

It is with great pleasure that we can announce Warlord Games as the exclusive distributor in Europe and the UK for Architects of War products.

The first products to be released by Architects of War will be a variety of superbly realised and detailed 28mm terrain. Make no mistake these pieces are not the run-of-the-mill terrain but lovingly crafted by artisans in their in scenery-making. How many companies make wells that actually hold water.

An army marches on its feet, but it fights on its stomach. Ensure your troops are ready for the fray by roasting them an ox or two with our Roasting Pit set. Comes with an Ox being slow roasted for tender goodness. The axe and woodpile make it convenient to keep the fire going. This set is absolutely perfect for your camp or marching fort scene.

Our Ploughed Field comes with two different ploughs. A Roman aratrum and a 17th century onwards European plough as well. These little details help give it life and place it in period.

These and many other beautiful pieces available on the Warlord Games webstore. Take advantage of free postage all over the world for the month of July.