Warlord Games Announces Celt and Dacian Army Deals

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Dec 5th, 2011

Warlord Games has specials for fans of the barbarians here are three 28mm army deals for the Celts and Dacians:

From their announcement:

Dacian With Death provides you with: –

3 x Dacian Warhost plastic and metal boxed sets
2 x Sarmatian Cataphract boxed sets
1 x Celt Archer Regiment
1 x Dacian command pack
1 x Dacian Scorpion
King Decebalus & Advisor

All for £150 GBP, saving you £15 GBP on buying them seperately.

The Celtic Tribe Deal includes:

90 plastic Celtic warriors
1 x Celtic army standard bearer
3 x Celtic Chieftains

Yours for £50 GBP, saving you £9 GBP!

80 x plastic Celt warriors (including 2 x command)
10 x Celt Cavalry (inc command)
40 x Germanic Tribesmen, Ancient Britons or Dacian warriors (your choice)
3 x Celt Chieftains
8 x Naked Fanatics, Slingers, Javelinmen or Archers (your choice)
8 x Naked Fanatics, Slingers, Javelinmen or Archers (your choice)

All this for only £105 GBP! Saving you £11 GBP on the recommended retail price!

You can pick up these (and loads more) great army deals in the [url=store.warlordgames.com]Warlord Games webstore[/url]. Shipping is free worldwide on all of the above deals!

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