Warlands and Rezolution product update

Aberrant have posted an update of their Warlands and Rezolution product releases.

Warlands Utility Truck + RPG Team
Warlands Utility Truck + RPG Team

From their announcement:

Aberrant are pleased to announce the release of Warlands and Rezolution Holiday Deals on our webstore. There is something for everyone.

All Holiday Deals available while stocks last.

Rezolution Products Coming Soon
Rezolution-DT: Assignment Update #1. To Catch a Thief. To be released in December.

Rezolution-DT is back online and Hi-Rez has injected data into the Grid that all crews should read. A shipment of the new ZX-009 Ident Chip has been hijacked and its location has been intercepted. Can your crew capture the shipment before others get to it? Can you keep hold of the ZX-009 package until extraction arrives?

First in the new Rezolution-DT Assignment Updates, To Catch a Thief is a multi-player assignment for all Rezolution factions. It also includes how to scratch build a Sentinel Turret as well as a bonus CSO Solo Assignment.

Rezolution-DT: Assignment #1 To Catch a Thief will only be available online from Wargame Vault in December.

Data Dump Special: CSO Mechanized Infantry Unit
For many years the CSO has protected the thin blue line between law and order and total anarchy, forever seeking new ways to improve the odds in their fight against the warring factions of a Dark Tomorrow. Their latest weapon is the newly-formed CSO Mechanized Infantry Unit (MIU), a special unit that is fast and brutal.

The Data Dump Special: CSO Mechanized Infantry Unit will have full details of the MIU as well as structure and data cards for all members of this elite unit. It will also provide information on the counter-measures instigated by the other factions to counteract this new threat to their activities. It will be made available in pdf format and, as always with Data Dump, will be free to download from our website as well as Wargame Vault.

Also in the world of Rezolution, we are looking at releasing new models, including a resin HPT. Keep a lookout on the Forum for more information as it becomes available.

Warlands Product Update
For some time, our main focus for Warlands has been the Core Rulebook and we promise we are working hard on this. As always, these things take longer than we had intended – but it is coming.

While working on the new rulebook, we have also been keeping our sculptors busy. In the coming months, we will be releasing a number of new models including a gyro-copter, a biker gang, new vehicle accessory packs that include new weapons, plus character figures and those all-important zombies.

With so much response at conventions to the Warlands Deathrace we are also working on a pdf supplement with information for you to run your own Deathrace games which again will be made available for download on Wargame Vault.

So as you can see, Aberrant has not been taking it easy.

To close this update, we would like to wish you all “Happy Holidays” and we look forward to an exciting 2011.

We thank you for your continued support of Aberrant and our products.

Tony Kenealy