Warheads Issue 3 Boxed Set pre-order offer

Urban Mammoth are offering an exclusive figure to anyone pre-ordering the Warheads Issue 3 Boxed Sets.

Odious Outlaws
Odious Outlaws

From their announcement:

Warheads: Medieval Tales Issue 3, Bolshy Bandits & Odious Outlaw boxed sets now available to pre-order. Further any customers pre-ordering either Bolshy Bandits or Odious Outlaws by the 6th of December will receive an exclusive Hugo or Gui miniature respectively for free as a thank you for pre-ordering.

These miniatures will not be available again.

We are taking pre-orders until the 6th of December; when the products will start shipping, so be sure to get your order in by that date as once the product ships there will be no more pre-order miniatures.

Further Urban Mammoth are shipping worldwide for free until the 24th of December, so it’s a perfect time to order your Warheads miniatures.