Warhammer Tomb Kings on Advance Order

By tgn_admin
In Age of Sigmar
Apr 6th, 2011

Games Workshop has several Warhammer Tomb Kings items available for pre-order. Sadly GW disabled the ability to copy and paste data from their online store webpages so I can’t give any details.

  • scottjm

    I really like how they’ve got the two box sets for the Warsphinx/Necrosphinx and Necro Knights/Sepulchral Stalkers set up so they are able to be built in either way. And it really sounds like the Warsphinx one has lots of bits that could be used elsewhere.

    • Zac

      I think almost all of them could be used in other games. Chaos in Cairo, Pulp gaming, horror… Nothing really distinctly Warhammer about them unlike their Empire troops.

  • scottjm

    I think even Empire troops could be used as some sort of Renaissance troops.

    • Zac

      I always thought they had a few too many skulls on them for historicals.

  • blackfang

    I was kinda hoping that making a large-ish Tomb Guard unit would be affordable. Alas…

  • keltheos

    Affordable’s relative assuming you’re willing to save up for it.