Warhammer Tomb King photos

Photos, chopped from a scan of a GW sell sheet, have surfaced online of various new figures that will be released as part of the re-release of the Tomb King army for Warhammer fantasy.

I’ve not been able to source the origin of these photos so if anyone knows where they came from originally please post a link in the comments or email me so I can credit the images.

Update: photos are courtesy of Warseer member Hitsugaya Toushiro and can be seen on this Warseer thread.

  • I didn’ expect things like the Necrosphinx and Warsphinx, neither the knights on undead giant cobras… nice models that give a really distinctive look to the army.


  • Robert

    HOLY **

    Wow, GW has really re-imagined the Tomb Kings.

    Sadly I do not like the current Warhammer trend of giving every army a huge creature. I don’t think this is any improvement for the game as a whole.

    Even if the models are beautiful.

  • Zac

    I think that each army needs a huge creature since all the other armies tend to have them.

    I really like all of the new figures in this leaked preview. Makes me consider picking them up

    • abbysdad

      Ditto. These models are amazing and so characterful. Bravo.

  • I’ve had Tomb Kings for years and years, I occasionally pick them up and work on them. These new models look great. I don’t know that I will ever play Warhammer but I still likely get the models to paint.

  • Tomas

    A good opportunity to practise those hard aquired NMM-skills, at the very least.

  • blkdymnd

    I dont care as much for the new vision either. I’m not liking GW having to go over the top with every army concept for both platforms. I guess i just miss the good simplicity the armies used to have.

    • Cergorach

      What game have you been playing? My book of Warhammer from 20-25 years ago had stats for very large monsters, Elementals, Angels, Balrog, JabberWocks, Cockatrice, Mammoths, Dragons, etc.. And let’s not mention all the art work we’ve been drooling over for decades, with huge warengines and large battles featuring enormous monsters.

      GW didn’t produce those things because they didn’t have the capacity for it, now that has changed (and they need new stuff to sell with the old). I can only applaud that change, not to mention that with every huge kit they’ve included atleast one character/HQ model, making my dreams of all plastic armies so much closer to reality.

  • blkdymnd

    Dont see Ushabti, skull catapult, or bone giant in the big army pic. Wonder i they transfered over.

    • Morf

      Rumors say that catapult will be a plastic set with one-two assembly variants, same for giant.

      I love the sphinx and find the cobra riders a bit over the top.

  • papasmrf667

    Nice, I have been holding out on getting another fantasy army til tomb kings get re done for years now. Looks great so far, of course they are going to go through and give everyone a giant creature of some sort. Otherwise everyone would be complaining about how army x has it and its not fair.

    • Tomas

      I really couldn’t care less about getting a giant creature/monster…

      There isn’t a giant creature in the world that 4 boltthrowers can’t handle. 🙂

  • 4tonmantis

    I like these.. the cobra riders are campy and the warsphinx looks rigid..but the ideas are very nice.. if the Ushabti still have a place in the army I may have to collect some of this..
    2 things I think would have been better slightly different.. the cobra riders should have been maybe scorpion riders or something.. having the cobra guys and cobra riders makes this feel like they ran out of ideas and decided to just cram more cobras in there…
    Tomb guard.. they could have stood a few less bandages.. as it is they’re a little too obscured… or deathmasks.. that would have been a cool unit-based identifier.. eh.. either way..

  • blackfang

    I love this release. Snake surfing aside, these are some of the best Fantasy models GW has done in years.

    • Zac

      I think that the Necropolis Knights will look silly/cool depending on how they are posed. One of the poses in the photo looks really off but there are others that are posed better and it doesn’t look too bad.

  • Wow!

    These are the first GW miniatures Ive wanted to buy in ages!

    Its good to see they’ve got some more interesting options for the army too!

  • I’ve never played Warhammer but I have painted up quite a few armies. These look great. They’d be worth collecting just to paint up an army.

  • GS_topcow

    yeah, the snake surfers are not my cup of tea, but perhaps you can replace with a war gods mini?

    I’ve been trying to get a friend who plays TKs to get some Wargods figs to replace or create a themed army… i dont thnik he will.

    • Lparigi34

      GS_topcow, you better start playing WHFB or I will set in flames all your messages!!!! Btw (though your post is not intended at me), I do have some Wargod minis, but they are a tad small to field them mixed up with GW minis, too bad since I really like their sculpts. I bought a unit of Anubis to be my TG, but they are the size of large gobbos and do not look fine with the rest of the army…

  • cybogoblin

    Loving the new look of the models, although the heads on the Sepulcharia Knights feel a little too low. The posing of the Necropolis Knight Champion does look a little odd, but I’m hoping that’s just an angle issue. It looked a bit better from other angles on the GW site. Also, the models help make the army feel a little more unique.

    As for the Necrosphinx… sweet fallen empire on the Nile, that’s one great looking model. Very imposing looking, especially with the Skull face. I can understand why they got it doing double duty with the Warsphinx, but it seems lot a lot of extra pieces that get left over (unless you convert it to some kind of ‘broken statue’ terrain piece). Also, the plastic Tomb King/Prince looks a bit cheap. Again, that may just be the picture, I just hope that’s the case.