Warhammer Historical Sale

By tgn_news_poster
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Oct 5th, 2011

Warhammer Historical is having a 50% off all Warhamer Historical books for a limited time only.

  • Cherno

    Nooo! I really want Legends of the High Seas, but they don’t accept PayPal 🙁

  • tredhed

    I’m in the same boat. Pretty much only have paypal funds to spend and want Legends of the High Seas also. >.<

  • Well, now they are affordable..

  • When does it end BTW?

    • The Warhammer site says “limited time only”, nothing more specific I’m afraid.

      I’m gonna have to round out my Legends of the Old West collection if the sale lasts longer than a week.

  • mweaver

    Did some impulse buying. Great price.

  • cybogoblin

    I finally pay off my credit card and they announce this.

    Must… resist. Must… not… spend…

  • Osbad

    Right, that’s all the books I’d liked and never bought because they were a bit pricey bought. Now I’ve got to think about how to smuggle the credit card bill past the wife… gulp

  • Nivanti

    Wanted kamphgruppen badly now at half price I have one, brilliant!

    Would love to know why ?

    My speculation that might be wrong is that with all the other books about wh have been abit ignored and looked past, is this there way og injecting wh back into the hobby ? Just a thought!

  • This looks like a blow out of existing inventory when a company is getting ready to shut down. Still, there is some good stuff there a reasonable prices.

    • Yep, agreed. Since this includes recent releases it is not likely to be clearing out old stock in anticipation of a new release.

      I think someone has decided to turn books into cash.

  • Cherno

    Really a pity that they only take credit cards. Guess I’ll have to wait for Two Hour Wargame’s pirate rules 🙂