Warhammer Forge releases the Preyton

By Polar_Bear
In Age of Sigmar
Jun 15th, 2012

Forge World has a new and terrifying beast available to you: the Preyton.

From the website:

Foolhardy knights of Bretonnia sometimes mistake the savage and hateful Preyton for the noble Great Stags of their land, and will follow this twisted beast, possessed of a dark cunning, into the very deepest parts of the forest. Only there, where there is little chance of escape, will it finally reveal its deadly form, its savage fangs, leonine paws and monstrous wings, and attack the unsuspecting warrior.

The Preyton is a finely detailed multi-part resin kit designed by Steve Whitehead. Rules to field this savage creature in your games of Warhammer can be found in Monstrous Arcanum, and the kit is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 29th June.

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  • jahatch28

    uhm, not really sure about this one… interesting back story but not a model I’d be all excited to assemble, paint, and bring to the table… the sculpt just doesn’t do it for me, too much wing covering everything up, the head is just not scary enough (deer? really? monster deer?) and I don’t get the leonine paws or a sense of threat from this one… too much of a reach for me… would have rather seen another griffon, hippogriff, roc, catoblepas, or chaos beast type thing… sorry.

    • TomasT

      Yep, got the same feeling… the front part looks like a road kill…

      Good story about it though..

  • Haibane

    I want the Stag with the giant antlers from the Huntsman film – would make a great ‘monster’ for Wood Elves. Mebbe Maelstrom Games can oblige 🙂

  • phoenixman

    cant see the point in GW / FW bringing out models that cant be used in their games whilst at the same time they get rid of Warhammer Historical when loads of people want to use these systems.

    but then, i personally haven’t seen the point of GW as a whole for few years now.

    dont play their systems anymore and have never missed them

  • I wonder why they didn’t give credit where it is due and just call the thing a Peryton.

  • mweaver

    I like it. And it can be used in WH games if you are using the Monstrous Arcanum rules (sp?). Although I will use it for D&D if I pick up one.

  • Legion
    • jahatch28

      sorry Legion, but although I appreciate the Peryton more than the GW version, I can’t see either of them on my painting or gaming table unless as an April’s fool’s joke…

  • skullking

    I think it looks great, and the rules are pretty cool in how it reflects the back story of the creature. As ‘mweaver’ pointed out, this can be used in games of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, while utilizing the ‘Storm of Magic’. The rules for it are found in Monstrous Arcana which is from Forgeworld (warhammer Forge). Looking forward to what other great monsters they come up with.

    • jahatch28

      I don’t know.. the feathers and leathery wing combination just looks odd, thing wings look like giant flaps that don’t allow you to see the rest of the monster, and the head just looks like a bad taxidermy experiment go wrong (google jackalope)…. but, to each their own, and depending on it’s rules and point costs, maybe it is a good investment for Storm of Magic Warhammer players.

  • metalsifter

    Wow. I can;t browse the GW site unless I allow them to put cookies on my computer?

    What is this, the early 90’s of the internet again?

    Screw it, no more GW website for me then.

  • It’s a response to the arse-backward cookie legislation

  • (bah, that was meant as a response to metasifter)

    As for the model, I agree with the general sentiment. Nice fluff, shame about the model. I’m somewhat relieved that it’s a sane size though, and not some ten-inch monstrosity.

  • jedijon

    Hey – it’s a Jackelope!

  • AccessDenied

    As far as the backstory goes, I have trouble reconciling “the very deepest parts of the forest” and “monstrous wings.”

  • Kraan

    The sculpt is atrocious and the painting makes it more so.
    Maybe in the hand of a good painter this model’d become nice, but that dark-grey green all over the model is really bad.

  • Sejanus