Warhammer Forge release Theodore Bruckner

Forge World have announce that the Warhammer Forge Theodore Bruckner figure is now available order.

Theodore Bruckner

From their announcement:

Theodore Bruckner is a giant of a man, the serving Judicial Champion of Nuln and Countess Emmanuelle’s Headsman. Wielding the ancient sword ‘Liarsbane’, Bruckner will often take to the field of battle alongside the Iron Companies of Nuln, mounted on the fearsome Demigryph, Reaper, which is perhaps the largest of its kind.

Theodore Bruckner on Reaper and on Foot is a full resin set, sculpted by Kev White, containing this mighty champion both mounted on his fell Demigryph and on foot. Four different head options are included in this set: two different variations of both a helmeted and bare head, providing a wealth of modelling options.

The Judicial Champion will play a major role in the forthcoming book Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos, and to allow you to use this battlefield terror in your games of Warhammer, Alan Bligh has provided these experimental rules (PDF link) as a free download.

Theodor Bruckner on Reaper and on Foot is available to order now for immediate despatch.

  • darkendlight

    should this not have wings?

  • Nosaj Verush

    Demigryph apparently don’t have wings. Never heard of such a thing, but it’s cool.

    • Myrthe

      But it would be so much cooler with wings … especially since the wing motif is so prevalent on Theo.

      • Veritas

        Yes, but Warhammer Forge has apparently been ordered to stay off the studio’s toes in terms of design. If they made a champ on griffon it would directly compete with the metal elector count on griffon. That’s a no-no. On the other hand, the studio can steal from Warhammer Forge all day long (just look at Forgeworld’s “contributions” to 40k,) but Warhammer Forge can only create stuff that doesn’t draw on existing army book entries for source material. (Obviously there are exceptions like the greater demons and avatar, but I don’t know how exemptions are given.) They CAN make upgrades for existing plastic kits to “fluff” them up, but that’s about as far as they’re supposed to go. At least this is what I’ve managed to cobble together from the more reliable sources on Warseer.

        • Myrthe

          Good point.

          This thing just looks incomplete to me. But, hey, converting is part of the hobby isn’t it ?

          I do really like the detail and sculpting work overall.

  • abbysdad

    Wow. I might even buy that guy and mount for my Brettonians.

  • wait… Kev White like Hasslefree’s Kev White??? if that’s correct it will open an interesting venue of some cool sculptors to give something to the Warhammer universe on a commission basis…

    • Morf

      I know at least of two other freelance sculptors (and really good ones) that will soon have their stuff in the FW lines.

  • SirAngry

    Not too impressed with this sculpt if I’m honest. The mount looks awkward the rider looks stiffer than a morgue full of dead bodies and the details not up to the usual FW standard in my humble opinion. Not been overly impressed truth be told with much of the Warhammer Forge stuff. Hopefully they’ll get better, but if they’re being forced to sit outside of the studio remit I don’t expect great things… besides 8th edition is rubbish and I’m not looking at it until they acknowledge they’ve dropped the pooch stop releasing errata on a daily basis and get on with writing 9th edition.

  • Endre Fodstad

    I thought the Throne of Chaos thing was cancelled when they fired Rick Priestley?