Warhammer Forge event-only Skin Wolf giveaway

By Polar_Bear
In Age of Sigmar
Feb 14th, 2013

*sings* Love is in the aiiiiir every where you gooooo!

Hey everyone. It’s the time to hand out the last Warhammer Forge model I’ve got (expect other give-aways to come soon). This last one’s a Warhammer Forge event-only Skin Wolf.

Note: As always, the one we’re giving away is new in blister. The picture above is just reference.

Anyway, to the “fine print” on how to enter.

Seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day (or, what’s left of Valentine’s Day… or after Valentine’s Day, depending on what time zone you’re in… … … let’s just call it, “it’s Thursday unless it’s not”), how about we go with you comment below with:
1. The tabletop game you LOVE most to play. Warhammer? Warmachine? Dark Age? Ascension? DreadBall? Dungeons & Dragons? Something else? What game do you say, mid-week, “Man, I can’t wait until the weekend so I can play (game name here)!”?
2. Why do you love it so much? The models? The competition? The playgroup you’ve got? Or just because “it’s really fun to play”? Whatever the reason, we’d love to hear it.

So just comment below with the game you LOVE to play and a little bit as to why you love it so much.

Another Note: No bashing other people’s posts. If I see a, “You like that game? You’re stupid.” or anything like that, then we’ll delete your comment and disqualify you from the drawing. Positive comments only.

Edit to add: I’ll draw the winner on Monday.

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  • SandwichBot5000

    I play a bunch of different tabletop games and there’s something to like in all of them.

    My personal favorite though is 40K. I love the background and story and the models. I like the ability to customize an army and make it mine. 40K is a great game if you find a good laid back crew to play with.

  • PsykoTech

    Right now, I am LOVING Zombicide. It’s new, it’s different and hey, you get to beat zombies over the head with a frying pan, what’s not to love?

  • Moriarty

    I love Mordheim because it’s old, characterful and a riot to play! 🙂

    Unless you’re a Skaven player, you’re a baaaad person ;P

  • Gunther

    I love playing Warmachine as much as possible. I love the setting, and the extremely tight rule set is a big draw too.

  • tarrek

    I am a collector of figures mostly 28-32mm scale. I love pre-painted – but I a’sp love to assemble figs – I love to collect and to use them in a table top – as what you see is what you encounter – I also love to hoard I mean collect and enjoy – I love to roleplay Cthulhu / Chill / D&D3.5 / Deathwatch / Dark Heresy / Star Wars / Runeques/ and so so so many others – I dont really enjoy skirmish but if they have figures – then I love to collect them – FW are good. SCIBOR are great – Puppet Wars have some amazing sculpts… Victoria Lamb -the inquisition figures STUNNING – I would love to own CANG the super sized Dragon – so many new companies that have great figures – all to many to collect and enjoy – I would love to get some Steamlords to customise – Boardgames – dont get me started – did I mention collector – Zombicide – Last Night on Earth . RELIC (playtester) and so looking forward when it gets released.. Just got Sedition Wars – blood bowl classic – dreadball has just peeked my interest…. I better stop now as so many other to mention… over 40 and a gamer for over 35 years …

  • jagavahn

    I love playing Warmachine, because of how tight the rules are and because of the background. Oddly enough, I love the idea of playing Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 and those two are the bulk of my collection.

  • hetmasteen

    Legend of the gigh sea is my favorite game. First of all,il like pirate history and adventures, then figures are great in this domain, and rules allow to recreate almost real and great games.

  • mjungledog

    My absolute favorite game out there is Warhammer Fantasy Battles. I love the game because of the imagery the games provide me. There is nothing more awe-inspiring as a unit of Chaos Knights smashing into an enemy unit and chasing them off, after destroying two full ranks of the enemy!

  • bizon

    I love Warhammer FB, because it is my first game system ever and I completely adore the world. I love it so much that it led me to WFRP an I love it even more 😀

  • James.B

    My favourite game whould have to be warhammer fantasy. The tournament and club scenes near me are full of great people, who play it competatively, but with an enjoyable attitude at the same time. So every game is a laugh.

  • cbag

    Blood Bowl.

    I started playing Blood Bowl over 15 years ago, and started the Toronto Blood Bowl Federation. Through the evolution of the league, I have met many life-long friends – and no matter what game we’re playing any given month, one thing we all share in common is that Blood Bowl is the best game ever made.

    Reasonable force sizes, lots of opportunity for creative expression, plus the best campaign system I’ve ever played: the Blood Bowl league. I’ve never played a game where every single die roll mattered, or where you can grow so attached to the players you’ve had season after season that when one dies, you feel a genuine sense of loss.

    Blood Bowl, the true game of Kings. 🙂

  • joshjam00

    I’m loving space hulk at the moment. Finally got my hands on a copy of 3ed. I love the strategy and game play for both the terminators and the nids. The beautiful mini’s are a nice bonus to.

  • drk

    I’ve played a lot of games, but the one that I always come back to is Warhammer Fantasy. Why? Well, it was the first wargame I ever played. I still remember the set: Brettonians vs Lizardmen.

    Why do I love it so much? Well, the groups I’ve played with, the player base is so much more relaxed in it, even though the competition can be really fierce. The lore is absolutely amazing, and it really drives you in deeper the more you read. The meta game in it is also really interesting, and you can see so many amazing, yet unique lists, which keeps the game super interesting.

    But my absolute favorite thing about it? The customization in it is limitless. Yes, you can in other GW games, but it feels different in Fantasy . Some of the conversions I’ve seen for various chaos models can really show the true brutality of that world. Something I don’t see as often in 40k. But, I digress. I love WHFB, and its a really solid system, and I will be playing it for a long time to come!

  • Borzag

    Oooh, tough one…. personally at the moment I’m loving Malifaux. Fast, tactically deep, and easy on both the carry case and wallet. It’s a highly refreshing experience from the IGOUGO games that I started with, and can’t see myself leaving it.

    Having said that, there’s always a soft spot in my heart for Blood Bowl. It’s not the first game I ever played (that honour goes to Necromunda, another favourite) but it is the game that I’ve played the most, and have always had fun with. The sheer range of options for modelling & painting, where you’re not “locked” into an army scheme, as well as the speed of play, does make it always worth the time. Plus eating Goblins with chainsaws is funny 🙂

  • virtualonmars

    I’m so in love with Malifaux right now because win or lose I’ve always had fun! No game (even the 8 – 0) loses was frustrating for me and I love the deck of cards mechanic!

  • amoryburgess

    I am poly-amorous. I love Warmachine and RPGs…most recently Iron Kingdoms RPG…does that mean I’m in love with siblings? So wrong, but so right! 😀

    On a related note…all the minis and terrain are cross-platform so it’s resource neutral playing both.

  • cmbsulli

    The Tabletop game I love most has got to be second edition Talisman, for many reasons.

    The system is easy to learn and the game takes little time to set up, so it’s the ultimate beer and pretzel game.

    There’s a great selection of characters to choose from, and monsters to fight, drawn from archetypes throughout fantasy and history.

    But the main reason why I love Talisman so much is because of the fantastic Gary Chalk artwork. For me, Gary Chalk (and Russ Nicholson and John Blanche) really defined the look and feel of fantasy roleplaying.

  • Hodjo Kosqu

    I have always and still love Silent Death. I loved to play it with my UofA gamer club buddies back in the day, and still break it out from time to time. I always loved the simple rules, easy learning curve, and surprising depth of play. I found the background stories were interesting, and original. All in all, it was a defining gaming experience for me.

  • After 9 years of playing Warmachine, it is still my favorite. The world of the Iron Kingdoms has always enticed me. And even through long breaks it always lures me back. Fun rules, fun models and a really fun setting.

  • jmw23

    I love Infinity. Great minis, excellent rules!

  • basilbrush

    I love to play saga. No more huge armies quick and easy rules to learn and the battle boards add that extra twist.

  • Veritas

    Infinity is my game of choice. The models are gorgeous and the rules allow for more in-depth strategy than most games. I also like that if you’re not constantly on your toes the game will not forgive you for being lax.

  • Spartan

    Even though ive been playing 40k since its release & my 2nd love Warhammer FB just before it, my favourite system i love to play the most is Warhammer Ancient Battles! WAB tickles my historical funny bone, you can use ANY miniature from any company in tornaments without the fear of them not being allowed & its always fun to use High Elf Spearmen as Greek Hoplites on occasions.

  • Jammybee

    Loving Warmachine at the moment. Getting grumpy about woolly game systems in my old age, so its my current fave.

  • hjorhrafn

    Currently digging Dark Age. The post-apocalyptic vibe really gets me in the mood to go out and slaughter my opponent’s forces, the rules are just tight enough, and they have tecnno-necromantic Mayans from space. What’s not to like?

  • okaledokaley

    I haven’t had an opportunity to play any of the miniature games I collect in the last three years. My favorite has always been Warhammer 40,000 though as the miniature design, back story, and the interesting mixture of a dark ages style humanity in a futuristic setting is an intriguing place in which to lose oneself. The community as a whole has always, in my experience, been a fun place full of fast made friends. Who, are always available with advice, humor, support, and whatever else may be needed to keep the hobby lively and new.

  • RTGamer

    I Play Warhammer Fantasy.

    Why do I love it? I love the background of the game and enjoy the narrative aspect of it. But the big thing I enjoy is fostering a community. Helping younger players with their lists, painting their armies and generally getting them excited about the game. The joy on their faces when their mage casts a devastating spell or the tactic they decided to use off their own back works out is priceless.

    That’s why I play and Love Warhammer.

  • nick.ibellpasley

    I love playing song of blades and heroes because it is generic but flavorful, and allows me to use whatever models take my fancy. It allows you to come up with your own background but there is nothing stopping you using other settings, the rules are streamlined and tactical without being bland. The mechanics create tense and tactical gameplay, which is different from other games I have played. Sure it may have many flaws but for an occasional gamer like myself it is perfect.

  • Zombiebeatbox

    The game i love the most is without question Super Dungeon Explore. First the game play can be exciting and yet very challenging. It also seems to bring out the best in players, no matter if im playing with old friends or new, its hard to be a bad sport with such cute characters. The models are gorgeous and different than most and they really challenge me as a painter and make me break out of my weathers gritty box, and shouldn’t every great love make you try new things. Also the best part is with its video game nostalgia it reminds me of simpler 8-bit times 🙂

  • quix42

    Love the most is Confrontation. Mostly due to the models.

  • eldrich

    One day in high school, I was one of my local card / comic / game shops (sadly is long gone) looking for either Star Wars cards, pogs, comics, or some other such thing. When I walked in, there were four or so tables set up and all these guys playing with these little toy soldiers, and I feel in love, in a way. Since then, I had a stint at Warhammer 40 K (The Imperial Guard was my fist faction, and maybe my first love…I still have a few of my early painted models around somewhere). During college, I was insane busy, and I turned to mostly board games, and things like D&D, Catan, and Citadels took their place.

    Then, there was Warmachine. We had a tumultuous relationship for about a year after college. I had money to buy a full army, and painted it up over the course of the year, and participated in several league plays, and more or less was at a local gaming store at least two nights a week. As the games got bigger though, my interest waned, and outside of Thor Steinhammer and Gorten, the rest of my army and battle foam were sold…sadley this was to buy into Malifaux, which I decided fit my style more.

    I loved the small game sizes and the continuation of the game even if Lady Justice was smashed to pieces. Overall I just, personally, had more fun, and this became my new game. Then I saw Puppet Wars, and this stole my interest. I continued to play Malifaux weekly, but Puppet became my real focus. This was the first time I spent time talking on the forums, and this lead to doing some play testing.

    Since, then, work has gotten crazy, and the new games are Zombicide and Super Dungeon Explore, more because I can get people to play them at my house. So, lets say this… My current “flings” are those, but at heart, I may be taken by Wyrd…but then again Kingdom Death is constantly in my mind, and there is Thon the Game, Arena Rex, and Infamy Miniatures all coming out with games this year…maybe I am just a PLAYER

  • Gubbinz

    I am mostly certainly a “gaming polyamorist”, playing a multitude of different games at even given time.

    Right now though, I must say Zombicide is at the top of the heap.

    The streamlined rules, leveling, gearing up, and working together for a change; it is proving to be a big hit amongst my gaming and non-gaming friends alike.

    Also, my wife and I get to help each other, rather than viciously destroying each other! Our whole gaming relationship up until this point has been constant competition, so Zombicide has been great!

    Zombicide; the perfect Valentines Day game.

  • Mordante

    I love Wargods of Aegyptus. It plays differently from most other miniature games because of it’s activation and order sequence, so is very tactical. Also uses a d10 system so gives a wider range of abilities. Much smaller model count needed than most fantasy wargames. Mostly though, the setting is great, the models are excellent, and they have expanded into Wargods of Olympus with Spartans, Mycenaean and Titans.
    I encourage everyone to give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

    • fuzzyguy

      Awesome! Wargods is my favorite as well. I just wish it were easier to find folks to play. The Mycenaean models look amazing.

  • meatpuppet7

    I love to play Path to Glory.

    There is just something magical about slaughtering your way to daemon hood, all the while being terrified that you will devolve into a chaos spawn.

  • lidlesseye687

    Definitely Mordheim
    It’s just great. Lots of character, Warhammer without all the extra baggage, and a fun mix of wargame and RPG elements.

  • 4tonmantis

    I love to play DnD Miniatures.
    My kids were able to learn it and it let’s me share something that was special about my childhood with them… and.. it’s pretty fun 🙂

  • Fallen_Angel

    My favorite game is Warhammer 40k since I love the models and the background. I play also Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Warmachine.

  • deadairis

    40K. Fell for it in high school, never fell out.

  • Whitetiger

    “Man, I can’t wait until the weekend so I can play 40K!”

    Love the figures; specially Forge World. I also love that with Fantasy Flight I can roll the table top wargame into an RPG.

  • Werewolf8

    I love Infinity, the sculpts are incredible, and its such a fast fun game. ARO does a great job at giving a realistic combat feel to the games. just love everything about it.

  • estrus

    I play with my family. Various members love collecting the different sets and pitting them against each other. The kiddo is going to LOVE the upcoming Hello Kitty clix!

    The more mature models (like that sweet Skin Wolf) are for my personal hobby pleasure, not used for gaming.

  • Back in the day I absolutely loved Necromunda. Had weekly games with friends, left the hive terrain on the dining table for months at a time and had massive campaigns with gangs thriving and dieing as it went along.

    In recent times my most played fun game would be Zombicide, it created a use for all those random post apoc minis I collected over the years for extra survivors and who doesn’t loved driving down a massive horde of zombies. It’s great to have a big group of players all playing co-op rather than the usual crush, kill, destroy.

  • Soulfinger

    This is the story of my love affair . . .

    Twenty-some years ago, I could have picked up that “magical quest game” sitting on a game store shelf in a Californian mall, but what does a preteen know about true love? I was too busy playing AD&D and writing my epic, hand-written knock-off in a spiral bound notebook in between recess games of Spinja and four hour stretches of Ultima IV on my Commodore 64.

    The game was Talisman, and in her second edition, she was a thing of beauty. Looking back in time through the well-worn pages of the old Dragon magazines that I keep hidden under my mattress, my heart still aches for all of the games that I could have owned — should have owned — had I not been so young and foolish. Talisman, you were the prettiest box at the ball with drop-dead artwork by no less than Gary Chalk, whose illustrations for Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf series influenced me more than Elmore, Caldwell, and Easley combined. Why did I buy Price of Freedom or Star Frontiers when I could have had you?

    From that first moment when I rolled a die and moved three spaces, my desire for the game rivaled the passion of Giacomo Casanova. You had me at, “Draw a card,” but alas this copy of the game belonged to another man. Then, like a lover who files a restraining order and moves three states away with an assumed identity, Talisman proved to be out-of-print. Horror of horrors! This was, after all, well before the days of ye old Interweb when finding a used game meant delving into the subterranean FLGS that was more of head shop than “friendly” or “game shop.”

    A friendlier game store had opened down the block. It didn’t smell like patchouli or specialize in resin figures of wizards that also serviced as bongs, and a new third edition of Talisman occupied the shelves there alongside all of the other shiny new merchandise, unencumbered by dust or the brown film of cigarette smoke and incense haze. Yet, this imposter was not my familiar love. I turned my back and left it on the shelf to pursue my inborn teenage ambition of kissing girls and playing on their Nintendo.

    Fast forward through several years of drinking and dating girls who were interested in more than just kissing (mostly, Magic the Gathering). The 4th edition of Talisman came and went in the blink of an eye, before I even knew it had been released. The temptation of that game always dangled in front of me, appearing like a randomly generated prostitute from the 1st edition AD&D DMG whenever I didn’t have a dollar to my name — that slovenly trull! I married, had children, and sat waiting to grow old so that my life could play out like it did for the octogenarians in Cocoon, reflecting all the while over my disappointment in how my life didn’t turn out like the Karate Kid sequel I had expected it to be.

    Two weeks ago, however, I finally bought the 4th revised edition of Talisman from Fantasy Flight games, along with the City supplement. As Ovid once said in reference to what can only be an ancient Roman tabletop game, “Let me tell you I am better acquainted with you for a long absence, as men are with themselves for a long affliction: absence does but hold off a friend, to make one see him the truer.”

    I am ecstatic. No longer am I at the mercy of others to get my Talisman fix, although this liberation has helped me to appreciate all the more these friends who introduced me to the game in middle school and whom I still game with today. Even better, my first game with my own set was shared with my wife and six-year-old son. This elusive relic of my misspent youth is now something I share as husband and father. Seeing my son playing cheerfully as the troll, stomping about the countryside, and nearly winning the game in his first try . . . it reminded me of what has always made these games so special for me in the first place.

  • Satan

    I love warhammer, I just can’t help it! Been doing it for 15 years and even through the hardtimes I just feel addicted to the background and setting.
    The reason I love it is because it’s so perfect when you play those games that are a draw or as good as one – when everything’s been entirely wacky, with wizards and cannons blowing up and characterful events have taken place and people try to engage with the game to allow those moments to come to pass, I simply love the fun you get out of it. When it’s good, it’s really good.

  • Clash for a Cure

    I am torn between Warmachine/Hordes and Malifaux. My group rotates between several and I always can’t wait for either to come up. I like the tournament scene for Warmachine quite a bit, not for just the cool games…but the mainstream tournament guys as well. I have played in several competitive circuits for different games, but Warmahordes definitely wins out in my book for that.
    Then there is Malifaux…awesome game and models.

  • miniroll161

    I Love Super Dungeon Explore, because it brings back memories of play NES and Gauntlet games and the characters look soooooo cool 🙂

  • cybogoblin

    Right now I’d love to be able to play anything, instead of the wife-imposed gaming exile I’m experiencing until we buy a house.

    Why would I play anything? Because the social interaction and witty banter is often more important than the game itself. It’s hard to enjoy a good game when your opponent is a humourless robot.

  • Daniel36

    The tabletop game I love most to play is the Storm of Magic expansion of Warhammer. Unfortunately I have only played one game so far, but that is because Storm of Magic deserves to be played fully painted and I am currently hard at work on my Talabecland force.

    I love it so much because it puts the fun back into Warhammer for me. I feel too many people, at least the ones I play against, have the tournament mind-set going on even in friendly games, and that is just not my cup of tea.

    Storm of Magic encourages one to take away that mind set through its rules with all sort of crazy rules. Aside from that, it gave me the perfect excuse to field my lovingly painted Cockatrice and Forest Dragon to wreak havoc on my friend’s Cockatrice, Cygor and Shaggoth. Seriously, how often does that happen in tournament play?

    I can’t wait to get another game in, but I want it to be bigger and more awesome than the last so we are still in the painting phase. Talabecland will have to deal with a Beastmen incursion this time, luckily finding an unlikely ally in a Wood Elf force also wanting the Beastmen dead. It is going to be epic!! I already have a wild Gryphon to go with my Dragon and Cockatrice… Yay!

  • Piston Honda

    I love Rapid Fire and Hail Cesar. Both are fun and simple games with enough historical flavor to capture the feel of their historical time lines.

    Lately I have been playing and painting Sedition Wars and have been having a blast losing.

  • Alex Dingle

    I love Malifaux, as the story driven gameplay in such an interesting and diverse setting has really captured my imagination.

  • Kane

    I’ve played a lot of games but the one game that I always say “YES” to is Warhammer Quest – it’s a fantastic game which is very easy to customise, has built in character development and it appeals to a wide age group (my youngest played a vicious wizard when he was seven)

    I’d go so far as to forgive GW for pretty much all it’s poor business practices if they’d re-release it – hell just a rulepack would be enough …..

  • Henrix

    Bushido 😉 (I love many other games, but this is the one I love most today – wouldn’t say no any day of the week!)

    The rules are terrific! No other game forces me to make so many different, interesting and relevant tactical choices every turn. (The miniatures are also awesome and fun!)

    (I would also love to play more Force on Force or Tomorrow’s War. If any of my friends read this I’m ready! Hint 😉)

  • grimbergen

    I’m in a love triangle. Well part of it depends on availability of time to play…

    Warhammer quest – I love the game overall, but one reason I keep coming back is the solid solo rules so I can play with myself anytime.

    Infinity – my true love, but I hardly get to play due to the time needed and not having anyone local…closet player I could find is 50 miles away.

    Heroclix – a cheap thrill for me, very easy to find quick games when I need a fix.

  • 1) I do not play any games these days, but I still love to paint. As much as I would like to stop giving GW my money and branch out, I just can’t stop buying Warhammer stuff because …

    2) … there are an awful lot of lovely sculpts to be had (and, admittedly, a fair amount of dross to avoid) and GW’s greenskins are the best and always fun to paint. Waaaaaagh, etc.

  • Zombie_Taco

    Currently for me it is Necromunda/Inquisitor. Basically my group is using Neromunda rules and making Inquisitor warbands to play. This allows us to convert 40k models into warbands to use in skirmish level games. it is a work in progress. we are going to get ready to add Xenos allies for the radical Xeno-Inquisitors.

    This is what is currently floating my boat – brings me back the old days of playing Necromunda, but now in the world of the Inquisition, which is great. of course re-reading Eisenhorn and Ravenor trilogies helped get the juices flowing.

    when the new Ork Vehicles comes out we are going to bust out Gorka Morka and have some Mad Max style fun!!

  • I still love Warhammer 40K. Can’t help myself. Mainly because I am a power-armour addict too!

  • Gabbi

    Warmachine/Hordes is the game I love on top of others. Mainly because I love its gameplay: interaction between models, how aggression is often rewarded while over-defensive play is not, the fact that you have two biggie handling systems /Focus & Fury) that are very different but the system(s) are still balanced.

  • YoungOlo

    Warhammer, for three reasons: 1) Love the world, 2) Love to feel like I’m a general of a VAST army, 3) It’s very tactically demanding

  • mac

    I used to play a lot of games when i was younger but nowadays I nearly only play WH40K, twice a year (one week or so in summer and the same for christmas, when my mates & family are on holidays and so we can meet again; the rest of the year is devoted to paint new minis in expêctation of the nearest confrontation!) and because I love this universe and the minis

  • surprize

    I love to play Infinity. The gameplay is so fast and fluid that it is a pleasure to play whether you win or lose, but perhaps more than this the combination of the gorgeous models and great looking terrain work with the rules to produce a experience that looks and feels like a beautiful, dynamic and deadly game.

    I regularly make a 2hr round trip just to play with some friends as I know I’ll always have and fun and challenging game with this system.

  • Sevej

    Board games. Ready to play, buy one for the whole family, and the choices are simply staggering.

  • Brodee

    I love to play Warhammer fantasy. I consider the game in a “fun” state and love seeing the tons of minis on the table. I’m not in it for the competition, but to enjoy a game where it creates a narrative and we have a blast playing , no matter who wins or loses.

    After each game I’m able to tell another person this amazing story of the sequence of events and their are always surprises along the way.

  • Randar

    D&D and warhammer, Love models , love role playing I also enjoy collecting mini’s and dice!

    playing with friends is the best reason why i gave up on MMO’s for table top games !!!

  • As a game: INFINITY.

    Because every tactical decision I make quickly falls back on me – every error I make is my responsiblity, not some dice throw gone wrong. Also: practically no downtime, very engaging with my opponent, and a dream/nightmare to paint.

  • Bellygrub

    The game I look forward to playing the most is probably Zombicide. It’s fun to sit back and have some beer and pretzely fun with everyone once in a while instead of trying to tear each others throats out.

    Warmahordes is my favorite game…mostly because I love the setting and the models.

  • Lemminkaeinen

    Oh, Eden, how I love you so. Let me count the ways.

    Holds up one finger Finally a game with such a low model count that even I can get a fully painted force finished fast. From three to six models and I feel that I can really take my time with each and every one. And if I paint a new mini, it makes an enormous change in how my force plays. Just one mini!

    Holds up a second finger And the minis! Such great character and very high overall quality with the different factions having very different aesthetics.

    Holds up a third finger And the post-apocalypse theme makes terrain building fun and therapeutic and the paintjobs can be a bit wild and dirty as well when needed.

    Holds up a fourth finger And the game area is small (2’x2′) to fit very nicely on an average kitchen table with no custom styrofoam sheets necessary.

    Holds up a fifth finger And despite all this, the small play are and the low minis count, the game is immensely tactical. Lots of resource allocation shenanigans in the form of Strategic Points and the tight action system with pre-measurement gives a very nice, tactical feel to the whole thing. It constantly feels like you’re constantly making meaningful choices. Seriously, an absolutely great system. And to top it all off, the games are quick and with asymmetrical objectives. Soooo good!

  • mugginns

    I am currently in love with Warhammer Fantasy. The huge units, the epic heraldry, the massive battlelines crashing into each other, the wizards slinging spells… amazing stuff. As you can tell it is mostly the fluff and the idea in my head of how the battles play out.

  • Nightbee

    1) Blood Bowl.

    2) It has the perfect blend of depth and accessiblity, and supports a fun and relaxed worldwide tournament scene.

  • jasonf

    Warhammer Fantasy
    I like the models.

  • jahorin

    The game I love the most is Warhammer Fantasy, I like the model and the feel of the game with big spells blasting on the battlefield and the large monster that brings terror and wreck carnage in your opponent’s army. Also I have good gaming group in my area.

  • Petterwass

    For me it’s always been the different warhammer games, mostly fantasy and 40K.

    I love the universes, i love the models. I’m less keen on GW corporate policies but what can you do?

  • MEdwards777

    Currently, I’d have to say that my favorite tabletop game to play is Warmahordes. I think that the majority of the models are beautiful, the rules are solid, and it is overall a very fun game to play. Plus our area has a great community of players.

  • Barret

    I would have to say I love to play Warhammer 40k. I like most of the models but what I love most is the Fluff, I’ve been with it since the beginning and I love the way there is just so many ways to create narrative battles. The way you can get behind your faction almost the way some people care about their favorite sports team. While other games are alot of fun to play and have great models(currently I’m getting into Infinity)and GW corparate has done many things I don’t support or agree with no other wargame game can come close to the lore, size and history that The 40k universe has and that allows for some great cinematic and creative battles and campaigns. And for me thats what its all about.

  • thedrellum

    Dreadball, because it’s fast paced and a game is easily got in between friends. Also, because the rules are relatively simple, it’s a nice introduction to tabletop gaming for non-gaming friends. I went full in on the Kickstarter for it and have been really pleased with the models as well, which is good because there are a lot of them.

  • Myrthe

    Right now, my current Game of Choice is “Quar” … it’s an alternate WW1 skirmish game with odd little humanoid creatures called Quar fighting in a Great War setting. It’s by Zombie Smith.

    And, why? Well, most importantly, it’s a lot of fun to play … especially with the group that I play games with and who introduced it to me. It also has a diverse range of models and tanks, has a great mechanic and the rules and background are well done.

  • fuzzyguy

    I love to play Wargods of Aegyptus by Crocodile Games. The models are lovely, the turn activation sequence is brilliant, the rules are tightly written, and I love the fluff of the Antediluvian Age. The missus is my primary opponent and she used that game to bring me back in to playing minis games again when we first started dating back in the 1st edition ruleset of Wargods. I enjoy playing other minis games such as Uncharted Seas, Confrontation 3.5, Malifaux, and Blood Bowl, but I have a soft spot for Wargods.

  • Madrox6

    Infinity is the game! Fantastic minis and great skirmish rule. At least until I can use this mini in the Twilight tabletop war game. 😉

  • Cervantes3773

    I love playing Infinity the most right now.

    The world, story, look, minis, and rules are all amazing. It’s a blast!

  • Preston

    I am entirely in love with Infinity. Why? Tight rules, awesome miniatures. And I have a huge crush on the Nomad Chimera. Huge crush.

  • jmasterj

    My most loved game for the past few years has easily been Infinity. It has the most tactical depth and realism of any minis game I’ve played and it seems to bring out the best in people rather than the worst (as some games I’ve played in the past have).

  • ImhotepMagi


    I love everything about it. It’s simple, easily expandable, has great miniatures and stellar artwork. It has a great high fantasy mixed with gritty pulp fantasy feel that I don’t find in any current game. The Warhammer universe is nodded at, but has just enough of a sandbox quality that nothing can be ruled out for expansion.

  • I love Infinity, and I’ve only just started getting into it. However, I’ll always carry a torch for Blood Bowl, GW’s best game.

  • Gallahad

    Armies of Arcana
    It has the right amount of strategy, huge armies, and customization potential. Since I don’t get to play very often, most of my hobby time is spent painting, etc. so I really appreciate the fact that I can use any models I want, and create any list theme that I want. I am currently working on a force of “300” inspired Persians with a lot of necromancers. Lots of fun.

  • Grimaldo von grim

    Game I love playing has got to be Incursion, great game, fast play, power armor and zombies are the bee’s knees.

  • Ghost

    Love: Kings of War.
    Why?: I’ve been waiting since the late ’90s for a fastplay Nottingham Fantasy Battles game that has all the fun and drama of that other Nottingham Fantasy Battles game but gets a result in a fraction of the time without constant rulebook lookups.

    Oh, that may be a disqualification 😉

  • decaramas

    The Guild are red
    Arcanists are blue
    The game that I love?
    Is of course Malifaux.

    Works better with a cockney accent 🙂

  • corsair117

    Battletech, It’s the game that got me into gaming all those years ago and no matter what issues it has with rules/settings/whatever it’ll always be my go-to game.

  • ChaosGG101

    Battletech would be my favorite. Mainly because I really love the settings and factions that they have in the game.

  • Thargor

    It’s got to be Freebooter’s Fate.

    The miniatures are awsomely sculpted and wonderful to paint and although you only need a handful to play, you’re going to want them all. As a skirmish Pirate game it takes 10 minutes to learn the rules, but it has enough depth to keep you interested. The combat system is a game in itself and will have you putting on your best poker-face to outwit your opponent.

  • mrbushtroll

    “Just in from a hardweek and i can wait to play Dungeons & Dragons (3 and 3.5 rules) with the wife and daughter”!! With over 1000 prepainted minis and 1000+ more metal and plastic minis (monsters)…..when they meet 30 orcs and a troll….they meet them. I think my youngest daughter has been sneaking in my manshack and reading the rulebooks and adventures…..her and her mom want to be archer rangers?? hmmmm

    As soon as my daughter builds up a awesome character and knows the rules…uncle Paul wants to take her adventuring with the big group of dwarven mercs and try Moria..and his still kicking converted 1 edtion dwarven character…and yes we have a BALROG….not a sissy GW on………a to scale NEC pewter one.
    Now hopefully Uncle pauls band of 2000 westwind dwarf legionnaires (yes 2000…ok 2300 including archers..(have pictures to boost that fact)..will be enough.

    me thinks GW warhammer will be the skirmish rule set for the battles and D&D for the epic one on ones…Can’t wait….
    this weekends chapter “The last Ranger” …..hope my girl didn’t find my notes….?? oh well….the dice gods will really decide.

    Now the 50 or so confrontation wolfen…..or 30 D&D giants??? or how about a cameo dragon……who knows what the path will lead to. But good laughs and family time around a wooden table by a cracking fireplace in the northern Alberta forest…were the wolfs do howl and play outside the ranch house door.

    What a perfect setting for a skinwolf to hunt in

    D&D till i die and even then with Gary and the boys

  • MadCowCrazy

    I play Sisters of Battle for Warhammer 40K. I first heard about them when I saw the Soulstorm expansion for Dawn of War, ever since I’ve been in love with them.
    For the first time ever there was an army of female warriors who were actually capable fighters, one could even argue they are the best fighting force in the Imperium of Man.
    They have however not been particularly good on the tabletop, some of the worst rules and imbalanced units (over costed, bad units etc) in the game.

    I keep hearing that the SoB is the worst army in 40K and people sometimes question why I even bother collecting them. It is true they are a bad army but I still love the idea of them and the concept as a whole.

    I can’t think of any other game or setting where women are portrayed in the same way, as some of the best humanity has to offer whilst still actually wearing armour that would protect their bodies without being nothing more than a chain mail bikini.

    Playing Sisters of Battle might not be the best choice but I still love them for what they are, even if GW doesn’t.

  • krile

    I recently discovered Dreadball.
    I’m a father, with very little time available for playing.
    So I expect of a game to be easy and fast to play, easy and fast to learn, and easy and fast to prepare.
    That exactly what Dreadball offered me !

  • chopa

    Bloodbowl is my game of choice. Solid mechanics, lovely selection of models (especially all the 3rd party stuff these days), and a large and diverse player base make it easily my favorite game.
    Close seconds are Wargods of Ægyptus or Dark Age.

  • Bazleebub

    For me I always seem to be having a game of the moment situation where one game really grabs my attention for a week or two, today that game is Dungeon World which seems like a really great take on classic Dnd with a ruleset which captures the essence without being a slave to the old mechanics. I’m a big fan of getting around the table with a group of friends and telling a story and Dungeon World is ticking some boxes without having to worry about the 3.5 / 4 / dndnext edition wars.

    Now whats on my painting table is another matter.
    My Haqqislam are close to finished and just need some final details to be finished up. I’m hoping to get a game going for next weekend. The focus on missions and the (apparent) balance of the game makes it feel like the games hinge more on the decisions you make rather than the decisions designers have made. Oh and the minis are beautiful and always make me look like a better painter than I am.

    Next to them I have the starting of my undead army for Kings of War, just 20 skeletons so far awaiting some final work before the lot of them get dipped to speed things along. I’ve yet to play but the rules look tight and the idea of a legion of troops on the table top has always appealed.

    Of course now I’ve read some of the other posters comments I’ve got some new ideas on what I should get / be playing! I think I have an Orc BB team that need to be finished up, oh yeah and I have those Hordes minis to do too! College work can wait a little longer 🙂

  • Teekupp

    Loving zombicide by guillotine games, playing it with my wife and kids and gaming group, loving it as nothing brings a family and friends closed than dropping a few zombies and the miniatures that come with the game are not that bad either.

  • Toy Marine

    Super Dungeon Explore!

    What’s not to love about it? An awesome dungeon bash with amazing models and the video game-esque theme. Pulling the impressive minis out of the box with my siblings ooo-ing and ahh-ing, the frenetic dice rolling and constant praying to the dice gods.. what more could you ask for?

  • I’m a modeller and painter (= collector) first and foremost, but I have a friend that owns a lot of boardgames and I must say:

    1) The one I most look forward to seeing again – to once again caress it’s tiles and hold all the cards in my hands, to gaze upon it’s simple yet beautiful exterior, to conquer it’s lands and battle for supremacy, to build upon it and connect the dots – I love a game of Settlers 🙂

    2) doh! Read above, and also because it’s simple to learn and everyone can play.

    1b) If I am just looking at figures it’s hands down Confrontation.

    2b) I am always looking for the next figure to add to my collection. For a long time there has been no competition whatsoever in terms of quality, details and concept and i am still astonished at the level of quality compared to many producers of today. I basically have had one bad cast in 400 = 0,25% whilst the tabs I’ve been keeping on other figures I collect has yielded some appalling averages with up to 30% miscasts…

  • Splat

    1) Confrontation.
    Not the plastic prepaint one. Not the ‘for the masses’ one. Confrontation 2, with the bunches of tiny rulebooks.

    2) Because it had rich tactical depth, the models were amazing and the game play was interactive. It lent itself to scenarios that weren’t simple ‘kill the other guys while being in this area of the board’. And the built-in campaign system was fun too

  • Alvaro

    Well,my favorite game, besides it’s old is Mordheim.
    There are many reasons why is awesome. The dark and creepy backgroud,the chance to personalize your band,the different missions and the chance to know all kind of people.
    In fact the last year my playgroup and I made a campaing that last all the year. This year we are trying to repeat the success of the campaig with a new one (now I’m working in an orcs and goblins band). (sorry for my English but it’s been a while since I wrotte something in English) (by the way I’m from Argentina and I think that I will never be in a games day ajd get an a miniature exclusive from forgeworld,pleased send to here.