Warhammer Fantasy Special Characters Supplement Released (unofficial)

By Polar_Bear
In Age of Sigmar
Jan 25th, 2013

Warhammer Fantasy Battles has an unofficial updated list of special characters to the latest edition.

From the update:

A FREE (unofficial) supplement updating 127 characters from 6th edition (and earlier) to 8th edition Fantasy Battle rules.

Another quality production from Mathias, the king of fan-made army book design !

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  • cama

    How does GW blow a gasket at this? Not that I care, and kudos to them, but how on earth do they do it!

    • Soulfinger

      It doesn’t hurt their bottom line.

      • cama

        Yes, true! But they are INSANE about their IP. Dollars or no. Just curious – I think the work is nice and all. And good on them. It has an “old days of fun, when Warhammer was everyone’s game, and not a shareholder’s property” feel, you know?

  • keltheos

    Cama, you should log onto their site and see how many fan-made army books are there. Truly a ton. They put a mess of disclaimers in the front about it’s a fan-creation, does not challenge IP, they don’t make any money off them, and so forth.

    They’re as far as I can tell making sure GW doesn’t have any reason to challenge their work as anything other than just being fan creations.

    Have read a few, they do a great job too.

    • Soulfinger

      None of those disclaimers actually mean anything in court though. GW would have an ironclad case for misappropriation of the Warhammer logo and trademark infringement based on consumer confusion at the very least. Honestly, I am surprised that they have not issued a cease and desist. That they haven’t apparently shows more support for fan-made content than most people give GW credit for.