Warhammer Fantasy Battles releases new Halflings army

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Feb 25th, 2012

Warhammer Fantasy Battles updates the Halflings army book!

Don’t worry, the print isn’t half-sized:

The Hungry Horde from Mootland…

A high quality fan-made (and FREE) army by the same person responsible for Albion, Norse, Cathay and Nippon. Yes, Mathias is back !

It won’t be easy to find a more engaging, themed and inspiring army. The Halflings really do take the biscuit !

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  • admanb

    That title seems like a blatant lie.

    • admanb

      Also, the link is broken.

  • keltheos

    The picture links to it just fine.

    Also, the site’s called Warhammer Fantasy Battle (no S).