Warhammer: Arcane Magic now available on iOS!

A new Games Workshop video game is now available on iOS. Warhammer: Arcane Magic lets players be in charge of a a cadre of wizards in the Warhammer universe, as you look to defeat enemy wizards using powerful spells, a bit of luck, and Arcane Fulcrums (character-specific spells of great power).

The campaign lets you collect powerful spells. As you defeat enemies, more spells will become available to you. From straight-up blasts of arcane energy, to the ability to bring enemy monsters over to your side, nothing is impossible. Also as you continue on, you can unlock new wizards to modify your three-wizard group. Customize your force to your liking. You can either play in PvP or PvE format, depending on your preference.


  • johnwebster

    This game is too expensive to require In App Purchases to keep playing.

  • crazytuco

    Yeah, $10 is getting up there for me for an app. I’ll wait. Maybe they’ll discount it some time in the future.

    It sounds a lot like a video game version of Osprey Publishing’s Frostgrave.

    • DB

      That’s a significant entry price for an unknown quantity (fun/longevity/etc). Hopefully they have a demo available. 10 with in-app purchases is nuts.

  • estrus

    I’m playing Adventure Time Puzzle Quest on my Android. It seems to be a lot more fun. oh and it was free.