Warhammer Ancients Battles Armies of Antiquity releases

By TGN Ross
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Dec 20th, 2011

Warhammer Ancients Battles Armies of Antiquity 2 has released and is on Warhammer Historical Online Store.

From their website:

You can view some page spreads, including a complete list of the armies from this book by clicking here.

Warhammer Armies of Antiquity is a supplement for Warhammer Ancient Battles second edition, the popular rules set for fighting battles on the tabletop with model armies. This 208 page hardback book contains no fewer than 100 fully revised and updated army lists for the following forces from the ancient and medieval world.

  • So this proves all the rumors about WAB being dead false. Knew it as soon as the remaining stocks of previously published army books were reduced to 50% off. Just wish Forgeworld would actively promote this property as they do Fantasy and 40K.

  • ish

    indeed it seems to have been for raising interest, and all for the better! 🙂

    I don’t really know what I would buy from Forge World for WAB to be honest.

    • Forgeworld owns Warhammer Historical and all it’s publications. So one would be buying this book which ships from Forgeworld.

    • cybogoblin

      That’s the funny thing about historical gaming, there are a LOT of companies already making miniatures. They could compete on some of the larger items, like elephants and war machines, but that’s probably about it.

  • So this proves all the rumors about WAB being dead false.

    Hum, lets see. IMHO (including what I have heard) this is the last life boat leaving the sinking ship (or train leaving the station). The reason the “its the old lists being sold off cheap” view does not hold water is that everything is being sold off at half price, new stuff and old.

    But I am all for the new AoA, all the lists now have a consistent points structure. Old lists will be unchanged of course but no reason not to continue to use them with armies from the same supplement if people feel so inclined.

    • According to the Author of AoA:

      More lists are on the way, including:

      Latest version of the rules errata to go up on the FW website.

      A French HYW list will be uploaded soon

      An additional list .pdf file is in the works

      Biblical army .pdf should be ready in January

      • Martin went on to say “the new book utilises a new points system which is consistent across all lists but not compatible directly with the supplement lists. You can do any of the following:
        a) use existing supplements only as already intended, with or without ABC
        b) use AoA only at 2800 points
        c) use both existing supplements @ 2000 points and AoA at 2800 points, which will give close enough armies to keep most people happy. If you do this I suggest using only AoA lists which do not appear in supplements.”

        • FYI: “ABC” is a simple restriction system based on points. Class A (hardest lists, hittites for example) only are allowed to have 1800pts, B 2000 and C (sumerians e.g.) as the weakest ones 2200, to adjust the balance. Point reduction/addition may vary and definition what is too hard/soft.