Warhammer Ancient Battles update

wab2l.jpgWarhammer Historical have posted an update about their Warhammer Ancient Battles rules.

From their announcement:
This year we’ve been busy working away on a brand new edition of Warhammer Ancient Battles and we’re pleased to say that it’s just about finished. Weighing in at 208 pages, the new edition will be hardback and full colour throughout. The book is lavishly illustrated with fantastic colour photographs and stunning full-colour artwork. All of our existing supplements will be compatible with the new edition so make sure you’ve got the ones you need.

We’ll be sending Warhammer Ancient Battles off to the printers in the New Year and when we have a confirmed delivery date, we’ll make the book available for pre-order. As newsletter subscribers, we’ll send you the information first and you should also keep an eye out for preview pages early in the New Year.

We also wanted to let you know about some of the other projects that we’ve got in the pipeline including Over the Top (a supplement to The Great War), a brand new World War II game and a 28mm Napoleonic wargame. We’ll be giving you more information about each of these projects in due course but rest assured there are plenty more being worked on and there’s something for everyone.