• phoenixman

    heard the new codex is £30…

    glad i packed up GW years ago. rip off for an army book when most rulebooks for other systems are cheaper.

    • zeno

      I did as well and now table top gaming is fun again! 🙂
      In the games I play now I get the rules with the minis and if I want to get the fluff and such I can choose if I want to buy a softcover or hardcover version, its awsome!

  • keltheos

    Pretty comparable for a hardcover, full color book these days.

    • odinsgrandson

      It is about 100 pages long. The new issue of White Dwarf is much larger than this codex.

      But you do have a point. Hardcover and full color makes things expensive- it isn’t just GW’s inflation that makes the book expensive.

  • KelRiever

    There’s just no reason to make a hardcover book if your time horizon for invalidating your last set of rules is roughly 3 years. I mean, anybody who needs a hardcover book in that time frame should just buy a paperback and bind it themselves.

    Whatever. I like GW models but haven’t purchased one in a long, long time. That goes for Privateer Press as well. If people think the really high prices are worth it, why shouldn’t they go out and buy it? Not for me for a long time. But if GW can get people to buy no matter how high they raise the prices, their wimping out by not doubling the prices immediately from here!

    • KelRiever

      Yes, by the way, that’s a little hyperbole for the internet there. 😀

  • jackgaudette

    I also have avoided GW for a long time for a variaty of reasons. I purchased Space Hulk love it, and recently picked up the $100 chaos box. The sculpts jusy get me fired up.