Wargames South mould problems

Wargames South have removed some of their 1:144 scale WWII minaitures from their online store due to problems with the moulds.

From their website:

Due to a dispute with one of the companies I use for casting about delivery times I have moved production to a more local and reliable firm . The problem is that during this move some masters and moulds were damaged ( ..) resulting in me having to withdraw the models from the range either temporarily or in two cases completely. I apologise for this and am working to get them back as soon as possible. The German SDKfz 234/4 and Hummel are sadly no more but I will use the opportunity to do a remake.

I have been having problems with customers trying to contact me via the website. For some reason the link is broken at the moment. Could you please contact me directly. wargames_south@msn.com. Copy and paste this to your e-mail and you should get through.