Wargames + Miniatures working on new website

Wargames + Miniatures are working on creating a new website and online store.

From their announcement:

Wargames + Miniatures have been busy processing a new website that includes many great features that increase customer functionality and a better shopping experience, that are not available on the current website.

Wish Lists, Reward Points System, Customer Registration with order history and status, Email a Friend on all products, Gift Cards, RSS News, on site forum, Recently Added RSS to name a few.

“All our main current products have been added and more will appear over the next few weeks.”

New products to look forward to include: Sodapop Miniatures, Tale of War Miniatures, Corvus Belli Ancients, Infinity.
It is hoped that we can bring Warmachine and Hordes to our fantasy ranges in the near future.

“We are hoping the cross-over to the new website is seamless using the same web address www.wargamesandminiatures.co.uk
All current customer orders will still be processed.

During the transition, please email us if you don’t see products that were on the old site, and we will get back to you ASAP.”
email: sales@wargamesandminiatures.co.uk

Thank you for your patience.