Wargames Illustrated website updated

The Wargames Illustrated website has been updated with new content.

Wargames Illustrated Issue 278
In stores from 27 November is Wargames Illustrated issue 278; this issue’s theme is the Samurai. It also includes a wide range of other articles that are sure to provide inspiration for any wargamer.

New Section: Matt Parkes’ Workbench
Welcome to a new monthly feature about the projects Matt Parkes is working on for the magazine in the coming months. This will be just a taster of things down the line as he is normally working at least two to three months ahead.

Legends of the Rising Sun: The Rules
In WI278 we presented a look at Aaron Loomis’ game from Adepticon 2010, The Legends of The Rising Sun. Rather than clutter the magazine with all the charts and lists for his game, we asked Aaron to present them here, in a handy downloadable PDF.

Street Gangs of Seventeenth-Century Japan
This two-part article, from Michael Fredholm von Essen, covers a lot of the background of the infamous Japanese street gangs, and provides some great ideas for getting them onto your tabletop.

Môri Motonari: Founding A Samurai Dynasty
A history article, from Tim Cockrell, that follows the life and career of important Japanese leader, Môri Motonari. It includes descriptions of several major battles, and Motonari’s involvement in them.

The Seven Samurai: A WAB Scenario
John Kersey presents a discussion on the Akira Kurosawa film of the same name, and provides a scenario for Warhammer Ancient Battles to play out the action on your tabletop.

Fleet of Battle: The Playsheets
The following downloadable PDF contains copies of the charts and templates from WI278, designed to accompany James Roach’s Fleet of Battle rules which were printed in that issue. Now you don’t have to cut up your copy of WI in order to play this great set of Ancient naval rules!

The Battle of Bussaco, 1810
After decorating our Bussaco article in WI278 we had lots of great photos left over, so rather than concise them to the archives, we thought we would share them with you.

Reviews: December 2010
This month’s reviews include the books Go Strong into the Desert: The Mahdist Uprising in the Sudan 1881-1885, Jake Wardrop’s Diary: A Tank Regiment Sergeant’s Story and The Rhine Endeavour: War and Peace September 1944 NW Europe. We also review the Conquest Games’ 28mm Plastic Norman Cavalry, North Star Military Figures 28mm Matabele and Warlord Games’ 28mm Napoleonic Prussian Landwehr figure ranges.