Wargames Illustrated website updated

The Wargames Illustrated website has been updated with new articles and reviews.

From their announcement:

It has been an excited past 12 months since we re-launched Wargames Illustrated with it’s new-look. Looking back over the past year there have a range of great articles, subscription deals that gave people some outstanding new miniatures to add to their collections, the Moments in History range sculpted by Gary Morley, an updated website with more additional (and importantly free!) content than ever before. Of course there has been one thing missing – a Napoleonic themed issue – so we are hitting this part of history with bang!

Napoleon’s Guard Infantry
With the Napoleonic Wars being a firm favourite amongst the WI team we wanted to make this issue extra special. Working with the team at Osprey we had Men-at-Arms 153 – Napoleon’s Guard Infantry (1) exclusively re-printed for Wargames Illustrated. This outstanding book written by Philip Haythornthwaite is a must for anyone interested in this interesting unit and is available free with all copies of WI (whether you are a subscriber or buy from a retailer) whilst stocks last. Of course we are sure this one is going to sell out fast so contact your retailer or place a pre-order on the website now to secure your copy.

This issue will sell out, so be quick in order to secure your copy.

Wargames Illustrated Issue 272
Coming to stores in May is Wargames Illustrated issue 272; this issue’s theme is the Napoleonic Wars. It also includes a wide range of other articles that are sure to provide inspiration for any wargamer.

The Black Brunswickers
Continuing the Napoleonic theme this month, we decided to rework A Brief Guide to the Black Brunswickers of the Napoleonic Wars by Dr. Gavin Hughes. This article not only includes the history of this colourful force, but also a scenario.

The Battle of Leipzig
In April this year, our U.S. Editor (Dave Taylor) jumped in his car and headed off to Beaver, Pennsylvania (northwest of Pittsburgh), to photograph an amazing game based on the legendary Battle of Leipzig.

Adepticon 2010
Adepticon is a wargaming convention that has been running in Chicago, Illinois (USA) for seven years now. While it’s primary focus over those years has been tournaments for the Games Workshop games of Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer, and The Lord of The Rings, Adepticon has slowly been building it’s historical events.

Early Roman Conversions
As part of our Wargaming the Roman Army: Part One article we were able to show you a couple of photos of some lovely conversions and paint jobs by Matt Parkes of some very early Roman soldiers.

As promised in WI272, we provide a copy of the windmill template that you can download and print – if you want you can also resize it for other scales (as it was originally designed for 15mm).

Reviews – May 2010
This month reviews include 28mm Wild West from Artizan Designs, 28mm Fallschirmjager from Warlord Games/Bolt Action Miniatures and 28mm Indian Mutiny from Mutineer Miniatures.