Wargames Illustrated 271 contents

WI271Cover.jpgThe contents of the next issue of Wargames Illustrated (#271) have been posted.

We’ve added another eight pages of great content and new advertisers to our already packed magazine. In addition, you can see more content each month on our website.

The Road To Rome, The Italy Campaign 1943-44
Your introductory guide to our Anzio Campaign theme for this issue; orders of battle, maps and all the background you will need for gaming the Allied assault (or Axis defence) of Italy.

On Patrol With The Devil’s Brigade
The joint Canadian-American First Service Force fought a desperate struggle with the Germans in Italy from 1943 – 1944. Background info with a Flames of War scenario.

3rd Infantry Division
To highlight the soldiers of the US 3rd Infantry Division, Battlefront tasked Charles McCall with giving his impressions on how he would use this new force.

69. Panzerregiment
The German response to the Allied landing at Anzio produced the 69. Panzerregiment. Here you’ll find information, orders of battle, a painting guide and Flames of War stats for the regiment.

Expanding The ‘Moments In History’ Range
We’ve got five new vignettes on offer, this article has the history.

The Battle Of Brunanburh, 937
As a follow up to last month’s Vikings, we present another article featuring everyone’s favourite pillagers, this time battling with the Saxons in Britain.

The Battle Of Sideling Hill, 1756
This small scale French and Indian Wars battle comes to the pages of WI, complete with artwork by Andrew Knez Jr.

The Little Fighting Fours
His Majesty’s 44th Regiment of Foot, the East Essex Regiment; their illustrious history (during the NapoleonicWars) and how to get them painted up.

1588 And All That
In the third and final part in this series, Tim Eagling presents some modelling ideas and examples for the period.

Khartoum To Greasy Grass Via Yorkshire
We spend a weekend with Legendary Wargames and follow the fortunes of a group of gamers.

The Perfect Battle: Aliwal, 1846
As Britain flexes its imperial muscle in India, the Sikh forces of Ranjodh Singh meet with the redcoats in a desperate struggle.

The Battle Of Melle, 1745
A forgotten encounter from the Austrian War of Succession is brought to life with the aid of a gaming table and Black Powder.

Plus we take a look at the Cold Wars show in the US, and our monthly roundup of News. We packed so much in this issue we had to move our Reviews for this month to our website: wargamesillustrated.net