Wargames Factory to produce plastic Amazons

Wargames Factory have posted initial details of their upcoming 28mm plastic Amazon figures.

From their website:

As you all know, the first set for Legacy of the Greeks – the Persians – is on it’s way and we’ll be showing off some plastic next week. The second set is almost ready to go to tooling. We thought we’d take a slightly different approach and use this as our first foray into Alternate History.

As many of you know, many people in the Ancient World – including Caesar and Pompey – legitimately believed that Amazons were real. Pompey even wrote that he had fought against a unit during one of his forays into the East in 66 BC.

We wanted to explore this idea by creating our first Alternate History set (eventually an entire range actually) – the Amazons. This first set will be classically “Greek” in feel but with the attributes that made them famous warriors.