Wargames Factory Shock Trooper Heavy Weapons preview

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
Jun 30th, 2011

Wargames Factory have posted a preview of the 28mm plastic Shock Trooper Heavy Weapons troops.

Heavy Weapon Trooper

From their announcement:

We’ve just posted a 3D-view of our new Shock Trooper Heavy Energy Cannon and gunner on our website. Come check it out!

We’ll be releasing them as soon as we approve the samples that are in rout to us now and get them painted. Set comes with 3-heavy weapons crew (2-per weapon) and 3-officers. The set includes 9-model infantry and heavy weapons to make 3-each of the following – Missile Launcher, Energy Cannon, Mortar, Heavy Chain Gun. That way you can arm your teams however you like and have lots of bits left over. This set will come with bases and retail for $19.95 USD.

  • scarletsquig

    Legs are too short and the design of the gun is bland… far too boxy.

    The sitting pose is also awkward.. if you’re using a gun like that you’re going to be kneeling, not squatting or sitting.

    • Doc

      Respectfully, I disagree.
      Having fired some HMGs, sitting is the prefered position!
      Usually with on a backpack, with a brew next to me….

      • scarletsquig

        Far enough.. but you did at least have a backpack to sit on.

        This guy is just sitting straight on the dirt and that’s the main thing that looks odd to me.

  • ferk

    gotta say its a pretty weird pose

  • Dead Kennedy

    Finally! Glad to see these come closer to reality. I am not digging the seated look, but I love the boxiness of that energy cannon! Looks like its something that could take a beating. Four kinds of weapons in the box for 20 bucks is grand too, if it really works out to 12 heavy weapons.

    • Dead Kennedy

      Downside: the backside of the trooper looks really off.

  • Repeter

    Yeah, not liking those legs. I’d def swap them out if I were to pick this up.

  • Looks much better than the first previews we got of the guy squatting in the woods with the skeleton foot or whatever on the front leg of the tripod. Can still use some work(I agree the weapon looks blaaaaaaaaaaaaaand), but a definite improvement over the original concept.

  • I quite like the 30s sci-fi boxiness of the gun but the legs are way off in proportions. Better than the earlier previews though.

  • BaconSlayer

    Wow, those legs are not good at all. Shooting or giving birth; you make the call.

    In the grim darkness of the far future, there are only c-sections┬«…

    • Zac

      Check the other images out. The pose and camera angle makes the leg positioning look really odd in some of the shots

      • BaconSlayer

        Wow, I like how it looks like they sculpted one half, then just mirrored the other side.

  • angora

    That pose is terrible! If he stood up he’d have legs like a gorilla! In that pose your elbows end up at your hips and your hands around the level of your knees (I just tried it ;-).
    I’m not keen on the gun either – too blocky for me.

  • The preview is doubtless an improvent over the render from several weeks ago. The seated figure clearly shows that life drawing classes, or anatomy study, is something a 3D modeler needs- the legs are really inaccurate. I wish the heavy weapons were more like the Maxmini ones, which look absolutely brutal. That said, I’ll be buying a box at least.