Wargames Factory Releases American War of Independence Continentals

Wargames Factory expands their American Revolution range with the release of their new Continentals box set.



From the release:

This kit contains 30 highly detailed multi-part plastic miniature toy soldiers representing George Washington’s Continental army during the American War of Independence. The gaited trousers and long tailed regimental coat are indicative of the appearance George Washington aimed to achieve for his field army. This kit offers several options of headgear including cocked hats, round hats, the fur crested caps of George Washington’s Lifeguard, and helmets.

In each box you will receive 24 multi-part Continental soldiers in addition to a command sprue consisting of 2 officers, a sergeant, a color bearer, a drummer, a fifer, and enough plastic bases for each miniature. All of the parts are interchangeable with the other American War of Independence kits creating highly customizable options. Retail Price of $24.95

We will also be selling these at Historicon 2014.

Sculpted by Kevin E Johnson