Wargames Factory preview Amazons

plastic AmazonWargames Factory have posted a new preview of their 28m plastic Amazon figures.

From their announcement:
The ladies are in the house and ready to rumble.

This will be our second set (after the Persian Infantry) for our new Legacy of the Greeks range – and our first in a series of Amazon sets that reveal their history from 500 BCE to 2408 and beyond.

There will be 24 figures in the set and it’s a BIG one with options to turn them into classic hoplites, pike-women, and any number of skirmishers (bow, javelin, sling, kopis, Greek straight sword, sagaris, and a uniquely Amazon weapon – the castratas. ouch.) The set features 3 types of shield (including pelta and hoplon), 3 types of helmets, and 10 unique head choices altogether with some other bits and pieces in the mix.

Without further ado – a few shots of some quickly assembled figures to give you a sense of what’s in store: