Wargames Factory launches WWII line

Wargame Factory proudly announces the release of their new line of WWII miniatures.

From the announcement:

Wargames Factory announces entry into WWII with a double release- 15mm and 28mm hard plastic German Infantry Late War. This release is to be quickly followed up with 28mm American Infantry with more kits in both ranges on the horizon. Our sculptor and mold technicians put a ton of effort into achieving a phenomenal level of accuracy and detail in each of these kits!

  • While these are kind of middle of the field (some neat features some not so neat but $20 for 30 figures..wowzers) I love the fact that this company takes ideas and actually uses them based on popularity.

    That being said.. under sci-fi there is a suggestion for a drop ship that would be great to
    see put out by these guys.

  • Grim6

    WWII soldiers will be a fine compliment to the Zombies… Now if they would only make some retro-robot soldiers. Whatever happened to the Junk Dogface Combots anyways?

    • Lucas Blackwolf

      Not very likely to see production. The author got somewhat fed up of the designs being compared to WWR Bertie or more exactly, called rip-offs.
      He’s expressed wishes to return to the Junk concept, but in a different form.

      • Grim6

        That is hugely disappointing. Man that stinks. Wish I had picked up a squad or 4…


  • Piston Honda

    These are awesome! hope to see more including vehicles. Though they have a steep hill to climb with Warlord Games pumping out great quality minis just about every other week it seems.