Wargames Factory has new Samurai Cavalry

Wargames Factory just released some new Samurai Cavalry. That’s pretty neat.

From the release:

Wargames Factory adds Samurai Cavalry to their Rising Sun line of 16th Century Samurai & Ashigaru. Kit contains 12 multi-part, 28mm, hard plastic horses & riders along with many accessories. Retail price is $19.95

  • Armorman39

    I am going to get some of those!

    • StygianBeach

      Not sure about these. I think I like the horses, not quite sure yet. I like the guy holding the spear, but the others with that disastrous limp left arm, well, they dont look right with that disastrous limp left arm.

      I will wait for more pics before I get any.

  • Haibane

    Yeah the straight left arm makes them look ridiculous – more like they’re riding a bike than a horse!

  • Armorman39

    I am glad to see Mounted Samurai and 12 for $20.00 – I think I can deal with the arms and modify if need be (wish they were different but oh well). We have a lot of Foot Samurai but no Mounted so glad I can get some now.

  • Should have these available in the UK next week.

    I think these were the missing link in the WF Samurai range.

  • surprize

    At least they are cheap, can’t fault that.

    They do look really budget though.

    The parts don’t look like they fit together properly and the poses look really wooden, they look like the old cavalry from the 80’s where the rider was a one piece bow legged model, the poses on the running horses (to the right) have their legs all mixed up as well. They only needed to watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcD1_jvhc_g&feature=player_embedded