Wargames Factory Debuts Zombie Vixens

Wargames Factory presents the lighter side of the zombie apocalypse with their new Zombie Vixens.

From the release:

We are truly excited about our new Zombie Vixens, which are set to debut at Gen Con (August 16th-19th). Each kit contains 30 multi-part, 28mm hard-plastic figures, as well as six additional “crawlers.” Bases, accessories and additional options are also included.

Retail price is $19.95 USD, but we will offer a special sales price on all our kits at Gen Con. We will also be giving away a free Zombie Vixens sprue with your purchase of any product, and will have non-stop drawing for lots of great prizes!

  • drew274

    These look great

  • They do look good, possibly the best sculpts they’ve done imo, nice work.

  • Armorman39

    I REALLY like those, wonder how they look in hand – very, very nice!

    Theres also a deal going with Frontline Games, when you buy the Zombie daze game you get the Zombie Vixens w rule card for the Zombie Daze game and the Event cards for free. It comes out to like 50 plus minis.