Wargames Alchemy & e-Minis presents Model Back-Up

e-Minis and Wargames Alchemy have teamed up to bring you Model Back-Up paint remover.



From the release:

The Model Back-Up allows you to take the paint off your models quickly and easily. In less than 15 minutes with minimal Model Back-up miniature’ll look like as you end up removing it from the sprue.
It doesn’t have problems with any kind of paint or product: Metal, plastic or resin.

  • 4tonmantis

    Looks pretty good but it’d be nice to see a third party review… there were a lot of cuts in this so it’s hard to tell what happened as far as time lapse or additional cleaning. The claim to be able to handle any paint is also pretty broad too.. It would be nice to see this tried out on one of those nightmare paint jobs you get off of cheap ebay auctions.

  • Isopropyl alcohol will take off almost anything off of any material. You don’t need to soak a model even. Just use a toothbrush and you are done in 2 minutes or less. Works on metal, resin, plastic, pvc etc… It also doubles as a fantastic airbrush cleaner.

    I’ve got a gigantic container of the stuff as it’s also used as a coolant for geothermal heating. Usually available for lens care or in electronic component stores, as antiseptic stuff (usually only 70%) and last ditch effort is buying concentrated windscreen cleaner fluid as it’s the main component.

    • 4tonmantis

      Models that have been caked in paint can’t be stripped purely from Iso Alcohol.. I’ve tried. Power Clean is the only stuff I’ve found that will take off anything from any type of model.. and even that only works 80-50% of the way. Some of the models come out looking brand new, some have specks left in the recesses, regardless of how long they stay in and how much you pick with probes and wire brushes.

  • Sisyphus

    If you hate the earth, use Brake Fluid. Nothing stands up to it. Be aware your plastic models will even lose their superglue cohesion.

    If you don’t hate the earth, a friend gave me the following and it has beat acetone, ethanol, Simple Green, Turpentine, etc etc… and is my new number one for stripping anything.


  • roninjotatan

    Purple power is excellent, won’t hurt plastic, metal or resin. I soak for a couple of days and even green stuff and super glue will dissolve. You must wear thick gloves and eye protection when scrubbing the miniature because the stuff is not good for eyes or skin.

    • Sisyphus

      I can attest to that… don’t do it when it is windy… even slightly… I did wear some proper rubber gloves. But still some windy blew some vapors about. Oooo… itchy.