Wargame Vault has new dragons

Wargame Vault has some awesome-looking dragon pictures you can purchase the rights to and use any way you want!

It sounds like a nice deal, if you ask me:

This image pack contains 10 high-res (2000×2041) transparent RGB PNG files of big, ugly, winged dragons (blue, bronze and greenish), in flying, fighting, harassing and relaxed poses. It is a royalty free product, once you paid for it you can use it any way you want, even in commercial products, digital or print.

  • Lord Abaddon of Wormwood

    This is nice news but I do wish that the over friendly editor would please stop reporting the Store Wargame Vault – instead promote the actual publisher…. this site is poorer for the lost of Zac and his sense of Data integrity.

    Lord Abaddon of Wormwood

  • Soulfinger

    Perhaps a policy of “The manufacturer must have a website to link to” would be appropriate. Even if it’s a Facebook page or one of those old timey Geocity sites with tons of animated GIFs. Doing a search for Eastern Raider Games, I get nothing . . . well, porn obviously , but besides that, nothing. Even if they are just producing dragon clip art for vore enthusiasts, the company should have some sort of web presence to link to other than a retailer.

  • Cherno

    It looks like the kind of sterile rendered images that sadly have become the norm for most downloadable fantasy and sci-fi products.