Wardens of the North expansion for Battles of Westeros now available

Fantasy Flight Games have announced that the Wardens of the North expansion for the Battles of Westeros boardgame is now available for sale.

From their website:

Wardens of the North, the latest expansion for Battles of Westeros, is now available! Head to your local retailer or visit our webstore to rally your fellow northmen to take arms against the cunning lions of Lannister.

Wardens of the North is a reinforcement set for House Stark, calling upon the thundering lancers of House Umber, the shieldmaidens of House Mormont, and the trident bearers of House Manderly to join the King in the North in battle. Will you heed the north in its hour of need?

The Wardens of the North reinforcement set adds more Stark commanders and units to the Stark forces of the Battles of Westeros core set, including the formidable Smalljon Umber, loyal Rodrik Cassel, and resourceful Galbart Glover. Use these new characters to take part in battles set in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series or make your own encounters using the skirmish rules.