War Room now available from Privateer Press

By Polar_Bear
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Aug 6th, 2012

Privateer Press now has their War Room app available.

BELLEVUE, WA, August 6, 2012 – The highly anticipated War Room app is now available for download on iOS and Android. Kindle Fire users can download the app before it appears in the Kindle store by clicking the link below.

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  • GhedJennar

    Stay away from this app. It is junk. It won’t work on half of the Android OS products, doesn’t function Kindle Fire and is buggy as hell. You can even edit the cards on your phone with ease and your opponent is none the wiser. Buyer beware, this app is junk in it’s current state.

  • Unless you are on an iPad, in which case it’s actually a really excellent app. It has some issues and some growing pains, but overall this is a really great next step for WM/HDs.

  • entil_zar

    Keep your heads down…flying pigs incomming 😛

  • So, while I’ve already purchased the physical cards…I gotta do it again for the electronic versions?

    Pass, thanks though. Nice effort.

  • tomogui

    I just downloaded it (for iPhone). No bugs as yet, but some clunky stuff. Some functions are good, like the card deck reference (although $7 per faction is high).

    The list builder is unwieldy (doesn’t update points costs/field allowances for theme lists, doesn’t let you build lists unless you have bought full decks for the faction, doesn’t grey out your choices to know which cards you’ve already purchased) and as far as I can tell, no implementation of “swipe” technology – it’s all stabby little button pressing on my tiny iPhone screen.

    Overall, it feels like a beta release designed by app developers who don’t actually play Warmachine/Hordes. Hoping they fix it.

  • Trent

    The official PP forum thread is a train wreck.

    You’d think they would have learned a thing to two from GW’s initial crappy game dev track record and come up with a iron clad dev agreement with Tinkerhouse. This just smacks of amateurism.

  • Veritas

    I won’t be buying this. I can’t understand the lack of theme force functionality. The guy who made the FREE iBodger app for the iOs was able to include full theme force functionality and he was doing the app for free in his spare time. An actual developer who can’t do it when they’re getting paid is ridiculous.

  • As I’ve stated In other places, I’m glad that war room has the potential for some cool stuff; however, I just want to build lists without any problems. I dont need a card image. I don’t need reference rules. Just list building for free.

  • GreenJello

    Do Not Want!

  • GrimDog

    As a professional mobile architect, I would be embarrassed to have launched this under my name. It is clear they used some cross-platform tool instead of developing a native or hybrid container application. The entire app does not feel like a mobile app. The UX does not support standard Apple UX guidelines and is all around a clunky POS to navigate. Why they did not engage an tried and true development shop to put this out is beyond me. Sad, sad effort from PP and will anger even the greatest fanboy.

    • GhedJennar

      No, the fanboys’ won’t be deterred. Check Lost Hemisphere, they are still singing PP praises. Though that may have more to do with them being in PP pocket then them being fanboys.

      • Though that may have more to do with
        them being in PP pocket then them
        being fanboys.

        Ouch Ghed…

    • I’ve used it several times now and your comments seem like major hyperbole to me. It’s not nearly that bad to use.

      • keltheos

        I’ve downloaded it three times and it still has yet to get past the logo screen before crashing. So, yeah, it’s pretty bad to use. 😉

  • cybogoblin

    I downloaded the free part of the app last night to see what the fuss was all about.

    Sure, it was a bit slow to start and having to download the massive card update was annoying, but c’est la vie. Overall, it’s not too horrible an app. Sure, it’s a bit slow at times, but the layout made sense to me and the list building was pretty straight forward.

    It’s far from perfect, but certainly manages to get most of the way up the field.

    • That’s the thing – once hey get past these initial issues it will be a great player aid.

  • Veritas

    Am I the only one who finds it ridiculous that troubleshooting is being done by PP staff on their forums? Shouldn’t the software developer have a forum set up and have their own staff handling this junk?