War of the Ring: Battlehosts released

War of the Ring: BattlehostsGames Workshop have released the War of the Ring: Battlehosts expansion for their War of the Ring fantasy combat game.

From their announcement:
The War of the Ring has engulfed the lands in darkness. The armies of Men, Elves and Dwarves clash with Sauron’s innumerable legions. At the forefront of these armies stride heroes and battlehosts of great renown who have gathered to oppose the Dark Lord, or destroy in his name. It is by the deeds of these warriors that the War of The Ring, and the fate of Middle-earth, shall be decided.

This 80-page Expansion book contains all of the rules, information and inspiration you need to bring the most iconic bands of warriors from The Lord of the Rings mythos to your tabletop. Also included are new Fortunes and Fates, as well as advice for using your battlehosts in other scenarios, linked games and famous encounters.