Vortex Father’s Day Sale

Unified Theory Games is having a sale on their Vortex rules.

From their announcement:

As a “Thank You” to all of the father’s out there, and to celebrate a great first month of sales, Unified Theory Games has temporarily reduced the price of the Vortex: Core Rulebook by 20%. This Father’s Day Sale will last through June 19th.

In addition, the rulebook is now being printed all over the world, greatly reducing the postage for non-US locations.

Vortex is a customizable miniature skirmish game that can be used with any miniature in any setting, using the miniatures and terrain players already own. The 172 page Vortex: Core Rulebook contains the complete rules of play, extensive tools for building custom combatants, over 150 million possible combinations of scenarios, and a complete easy-to-play campaign system that allows miniatures to gain experience and grow as characters. Set within the genre-neutral Infinite Continua, Vortex can be played with historical accuracy or pure flights of fancy blending sci-fi, fantasy, history, fiction, and fact. Anything is possible.