• CrazyFish

    As a Chainmail nerd, there are so many questions that this dude doesn’t answer. Is he using machine cut or saw cut rings? What gauge and internal diameter are the rings?

    Also, it is a nice touch that the images for the rings are apparently directly ripped from commercial websites. At least, the Bright Aluminum image is from The Ring Lord (click here). I would assume the other images are from someplace else.

    • Soulfinger

      I would assume that they are cutting the wire at home with snips.

      I used to own a very well constructed chainmail dice bag but had to stop using it because, aside from the fact that it gave a x10 modifier to being a giant nerd, it scuffed the hell out of my dice. I remedied it by keeping the dice inside a cloth dice bag inside of the chainmail bag, but that was rather redundant. Then again, that bag was heavy gauge steel, whereas these are aluminum and rubber rings.

  • CrazyFish

    Considering they are offering rings in multiple colors as well as EPDM (rubber) rings, I doubt that. I’m 100% certain they are ordering rings from a commercial site.

    As for scuffing up dice, I’ve made multiple bags out of aluminum and no dice damage issues. Granted, I don’t use the bags on a daily basis but I’ve never had a problem.

  • Gmunker

    I use Saw Cut rings, and yes i’m ordering my rings from a supplier. The bag is very smooth and there is no issue of damage to the dice, which is addressed in the kickstarter.

    As for the size of the rings and all of that, this is information that is not needed in the kickstarter. I have given the dimensions of the bags, and shown examples of the bags in the videos. If someone requests this information i give it to them.

    I hope this clears some of this up.